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9 September 2017

Up Country Essay, Research Paper

Up Country

In his novel Up Country, Alden R. Carter writes about how difficult life is for kids

in the stripling epoch by portraying the actions off Carl Staggers, a adolescent lasting his

female parents alcohol addiction and his auto wireless stealer pealing gone to disorder. Carl is a tragic hero who

meanders through this clip period by seeking to do things right. He is besides accompanied

by characters near to him as the novel progresses.

Carl is a immature adult male with great hopes and dreams to go an electrical applied scientist.

The job is that he and his female parent are profoundly in debt, and Veronica Staggers, Carl? s

female parent, is an alky who is brought place by the bulls about every hebdomad. Carl has the

bright thought to utilize an chance that arose to gain money to travel to a good proficient college

and gain a grade in electrical technology. In this small chance, Carl repairs stolen

stereos that he receives from his spouse in offense, changes the consecutive figure, and topographic points

the stereo into a company box for resale. Although this seems like the perfect offense,

something goes awfully incorrect with his admirable program and Carl gets busted for the wirelesss

along with all of the other juveniles assisting him. Ironically he was busted for the auto sound

equipment because of his female parent who was thrown in a detox centre for her intoxicant maltreatment.

Therefore, Carl was sent? up state? to remain with his aunt, uncle, and cousin whom he

hasn? T seen for a small over eight old ages. That? s when all of the problem starts, including a

run in with the local cracker bully and his girlfriend. On a good note while remaining with

his secondary household, he meets a fantastic state miss with whom he finally stays with

alternatively of traveling back to populate with his female parent, who cleans her ego up and moves on with her

life. Carl is sentenced to public work and is fundamentally let off easy on Thursday

e status that he

stay in school and earn that electrical grade.

The subject of this narrative is that even the most least likely individual can acquire what they

long for. Carl had ever yearned for a stable household. When he was busted and was forced

to travel in with his aunt and uncle he, at first, dreaded the thought. He was traveling in with a

household he hadn? T seen for eight old ages! As things moved on, Carl formed a niche in the small

town of Blind River. He formed a relationship with his new household and found a miss that he

learned to love. In the novelette Up Country, illustrations of sarcasm, a tragic character, and the

stereotypic character. Carl? s cousin Bob who shows the traits of the conventional red-neck,

the buck-tooth, improper English, rube, where Carl himself shows the typical

features of the tragic hero. A hero, who through his ain pick, was caught up an a

series of events that constantly consequences in catastrophe.

In my sentiment this was a great book for any adolescent to read. Most adolescents feel

that their life is hapless, weak, and hapless, but if merely they could take a expression at Carl? s life

they could see how difficult life can sometimes be. Carl is an exceeding pupil who works

hard for his ends, but he knows he will ne’er make them because of his place and household.

Besides most striplings feel they need to take the incorrect way to acquire what they want. Carl

took the incorrect way and he ended up with a good and stable household, a girlfriend, and a

hope to make is end. So I say take the incorrect way and possibly you could stop up with what

Carl had.

All things considered, Carl had an highly difficult life with his alcoholic female parent. But as

you will see, when he got off from her he matured and grew emotionally. He basically

got everything he prayed and wished for. See this, if you were in Carl? s places, what

would you make? What way would you take?

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