Ups Smart Labels

1 January 2017

What role do they play in UPS operations? Smart labels are computerized, bar-coded label that is used to provide shipping information. They play a huge role in UPS operations because they provide customer information for shipping which makes for faster and more reliable shipping. The label is scanned at each part of shipment and delivery so the customer can track their packages and it’s accounted for from start to finish. 2. Write out the steps a package takes from pick-up by a UPS driver to delivery including the role of DIAD, the UPS Data Center, and the UPS Package Center.

The driver picks up the package from the customer and creates a smart label that contains all shipping information and a tracking number, this information is sent to the warehouse. The driver will always carry a DIAD which is a basically a hand held computer that will show the driver which routes to take and his stops for the day.

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The driver will scan the package information into the DIAD so that the information is available to the Data Center and to the customer. All packages will be process through a UPS package center. 3. What role does wireless communication play in the UPS systems?

Wireless communication allows the UPS drivers to have complete flexibility in the field and up to date information about changes to their routes or new pick-ups. This makes more efficient deliveries and pick-ups for the customers and I would imagine it makes for better fuel mileage which is really important these days. 4. How has information technology transformed the package delivery business? Information technology has had a huge impact on the package delivery business by allowing more efficient and customer oriented business practices.

The logistics side of the business has been greatly improved because the drivers are being tracked and their whereabouts is known at all times and also the drivers know immediately if their route or pick up has changed. 5. How does UPS’s investment in IT help it achieve the strategic business objectives described in Chapter 1? Without the most efficient and up to date software and hardware, UPS would not be able to compete with other package delivery firms. It’s a very competitive market and with the right information technology UPS is able to add real value to their business.

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