Urban Agriculture

9 September 2016

Urban Agriculture, the “integration” of farming into the urban economic and ecological system and also embedded in and interaction with the urban ecosystem such linkages includes the use of urban residents as laborers, use of typical urban resources that direct links with urban consumers, direct impact on urban ecology (positive and negative), being part of the urban food system, competing for land with other urban functions and finally being influenced by urban policies and plans, etc. During my master studies of urban planning, I focused myself in various academic research related to both urban and rural context of resource utilization.

Urban agriculture being one of the major sector in urban resource utilization remained as my key interest during academic projects like Physical Development Plan, Urban Economics, Local Area Planning, Regional Planning and Urban Land management as well. My professional career after my master degree even relates to various aspects of urban agriculture.

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Urban Agriculture
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Planning and designing of Municipal Land parcels in various location of capital city Kathmandu incorporates farming zones and vital areas of economic opportunities for poor urban farmers and informal sectors.

Australia, one of the developed continent, comprises various urban sectors that are advanced in agriculture and its technology within urban environment. Urban resource utilization and urban agriculture has always remained as the prior concern in planning at all levels in different states of the country. More over major cities of Australia till date have succeed in producing better result in production of food by themselves without completely depending on rural supplies. Even other factors like economic, social and environmental and physical status ave been well supported by the activity of agriculture in urban areas of those cities. Beside those, opportunity for researchers in the field of urban agriculture is well supported by entire sectors like environment, educational institutions and the government as well. I have selected the research in Master of Sustainable Future, a research program of University of Technology, Sydney, because of its outstanding faculty and research facilities, emphasis on a collaborative learning environment, flexibility in curriculum, teaching pedagogy and a global perspective to various key issues.

I hope to become a part of this dynamic institute which will give me a leading edge to work effectively in diverse teams and situations. In conclusion, I do hope that I will be given a fair chance to realize my objectives by being granted an admission. If you need any further clarifications please do contact me at the information provided with this application. I hope you will look favorably on this application. Thanking you for your cooperation and assistance. Kind Regards, Name……………

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