Urban life creates evolutionar…

Urban life creates evolutionary changes in plants and animalsBy: Susan MiliusAugust 9, 2017Summary of the article: City urban life changes how tropical lizard and white clover flower function on their everyday routine depending on the environment.

Research founding’s show that cities have allow plants and organism in a fast change of evolution in which usually takes over time can be changed only through certain seasons. For example, the white clover flower has adapted to urban living by altering how the plants leaf taste to defend and protect the clover from grasshoppers and other predators. The white clover produced genes that allows them to put cyanide in their leaves and stem so that when the leaf is bitten cyanide, a toxic chemical releases and repel the predators away from the rest of the plant colony. The white clover however makes cyanide only in warmer areas because usually ice or the cold weather will be a threat to cyanide carrying clovers because cyanide is toxic to plants as well as the predators, but when the leaf is not cold or frozen clover leaves and the stems are not at risk because cells store the chemical cyanide separately and the chemical wont mix unless an animal bites the plant crushing and ripping the cyanide cells. Although when the plant is cold or frozen the safe system that separates the chemical breaks apart and releases the cyanide on its own and the plant will die. So the plant will make cyanide in the summer and will not make any cyanide in the winter so scientist found it interesting that evolution takes place during times of the season and constantly change.What biology topic does this article reference?This research correlates what we learned in class about evolution and how species adapt to better suit it’s environment.

We learned the principles of evolution and the first one descent with modification means that living current forms have descended from extinct forms and that species can undergo modification to survive and usually passes on that surviving gene to the next generation even causing them to be a separate, but similar species like birds such as finch. We also learned that natural selection is when specific traits will be favored to with greater chance of survival from one generation to the next like how polar bears shifted into brown bears.How does this affect you personally?This information doesn’t really affect me personally, but it is interesting to learn that changes can happen through natural selection to environment so we really are not fixed entities, but are constantly going through change depending on the environment and risk factors. It intrigues me to know that. Does that mean humans can grow and change to adapt our environment like if to say the environment is a lot more colder everywhere does that mean we can change and adapt to that? Just like that article we read in class how artic people have evolved to produce more heat. The climate driven effect has allowed a mutation to occur in the mitochondrial DNA to allow more production of heat and lower production of energy.How will current news affect future generations?Mutations can occur in the human body to help us survive.

Scientist are now researching other mutations that have occurred due to environmental factors. This current news helps us understand more on evolution and the factors that tie into it like how the genetic mutation is processed through our DNA and maybe we can learn to be self resistant to bacteria and virus infections. Maybe our body can adapt to certain sickness and evolve so that our body can be protected against th

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