Us Justification for Iraq Invasion Essay Sample

9 September 2017

In 1991 the United States went to war against Saddam Hussein with one end. This end was to acquire the Iraqi army out of Kuwait. The Iraq economic system hadn’t been the best and Kuwait had oil. so Hussein argued that Kuwait belonged to Iraq and invaded. This invasion started what was known as the Gulf War. Once the U. S. achieved their end. they withdrew and left Hussein in power under one status. and that was for him to extinguish and arms of mass devastation ( WMD ) plans in Iraq. In November 2002 when the United Nations were still diffident that these plans had been removed. the United States gave Hussein an ultimatum: By December 7th. any WMD plans must be removed. He failed to make so. and in March of 2003. the United States invaded Iraq. Now. the inquiry remains: Evergreen state this invasion justified? The reply is yes. because Saddam Hussein could non be trusted by the U. S. . he treated the Iraqi citizens ill. and Iraq may hold had WMD.

The United States could non swear Saddam Hussein. First of all. he started wars with neighbouring states to maintain his repute ( category notes ) . For illustration. He attacked Iran and Kuwait. Besides. to be good liked in the part he attacked Israel because most of the Middle Eastern states don’t like Israel due to a bouldery yesteryear. Second of all. Hussein sent for his military to drop a U. S. Naval ship on the Persian Gulf for no evident ground ( category notes ) . Third of all. Hussein was in charge of a failed effort to assassinate George H. W. Bush. a former U. S. President ( Justifications for the War ) . It’s clear that this atrocious adult male was feared and disliked in thee United States. but non merely was he disliked. but he was a menace. He was making things that could hold hurt the state in many ways. What would hold happened if he had succeeded in his efforts to kill the president? What if it had been the United States that he had decided to assail alternatively of Iran or Kuwait or Israel? The U. S. was decidedly justified for this invasion. The state needed to be protected!

The U. S. onslaught on Iraq in 2003 was justified because Saddam Hussein was selfish and treated his starvation citizens dreadfully. Hussein didn’t truly look to care about his citizens. They were hungry and Hussein was pocketing the money from the oil that Iraq sold. and utilizing it for himself ( Saddam Hussein’s Iraq ) . Due to this. the United Nations created the Oil-for-Food Program. This made it so that Iraq could merely export oil in exchange for nutrient. This would hold worked nevertheless. alternatively of administering the nutrient. Hussein sold the nutrient to other states and and his people continued to hunger ( Saddam Hussein’s Iraq ) . What could he perchance be making with all of this money? You may inquire. Well. he used it to construct memorials to himself along with 47 castles. each to the full equip with a full staff ( Saddam Hussein’s Iraq ) . Besides he had diverted so much H2O for himself that there were major drouths ( Saddam Hussein’s Iraq ) . Imagine you were these hapless citizens. Imagine what it may experience like to be hungering. to hold perfectly no say. and to fear your ain president. Imagine how atrocious your life would be.

The United States should non repent their invasion of Iraq because Iraq had arms of mass devastation. Though it was ne’er official there was a strong belief that Hussein had WMDs in his ownership. In fact. Brittan. France. Germany. Russia. and Jordan besides all believed that Iraq was developing WMDs ( Justifications for the War ) . Besides. in 1998. Hussein wouldn’t allow any United Nations arms inspectors into the state ( Saddam Hussein’s Iraq ) . Although it was really possible that Hussein would hold used and WMDs that he developed. there was besides the possibility that these arms could fall into the custodies of terrorists. particularly with Al-Qaeda in the part ( Terrorism Issues ) .

The U. S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 was wholly justified because the United States could non swear Saddam Hussein. He treated his citizens dreadfully. and Iraq had WMDs. Saddam Hussein really celebrated in respects to the events which occurred of September 11th. 2001 ( Justifications for the War ) . There is no ground to repent the actions taken by the U. S. against Saddam Hussein and Iraq in March 2003.

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