USA vs. Cuba Essay Sample

7 July 2017

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USA vs. Cuba Essay Sample
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Both of these states couldn’t be more different in the how they provide their population with their basic demand. When I say basic need I mean nutrient. apparels. shelter. occupation. unemployment benefits. and etc. The US is a democratic state with a assorted economic system and Cuba is an autocratic state with a bid economic system. Yet both of these states have one thing in common and that is that they each state believes they do the best occupation in supplying the basic demands for their population

The US is a modern society and demands to hold a modern definition of what a modern democracy is. The definition of a modern democracy is a signifier of authorities. where a fundamental law guarantees basic personal and political rights. carnival and free elections. and independent tribunals of jurisprudence ( Marcus G. Jud. 2004 ) . Most of the population has become accustom to this definition but they still want more aid. That includes nutrient casts. unemployment. wellness insurance. public school. and etc. The job now is that US politician have and want to cut more money out of the budget of many of these job making more jobs for the working. low pay households that live in US.

Cuba is decelerating progressing in this modern society and has been under the regulation of Fidel Castro as either president or as premier curate from February of 1959 to February of 2008 and so his brother Raul Castro took over. Almost 50 old ages the Communist party of Cuba has been in control. The Cuban authorities is categorized as an Authoritarian system. That is defined as a authorities run by a little group of people and has no distinguishable province political orientation and grants a little sum of freedom every bit long as those right doesn’t travel against their Torahs and policies ; the most of import for an autocratic system is to keep power and personal enrichment on the cost of the state and of the population ( Marcus G. Jud. 2004 ) .

Their economic system has provided many societal reforms to their population from free instruction free wellness attention and has offered lodging. public-service corporations. nutrient at a low monetary value. The US is said to hold a assorted economic system define. as an economic system that allows for the coincident operation of publically and in private owned endeavor. The American free endeavor emphasizes on private endeavor and as American we emphasize on this issue due to our American belief in personal freedom ( Beggs. J. 2012 ) . The ground for this is because we American have ever have been afraid the thought of inordinate authorities power. American have ever been led to believe that because we have an economic system based on private ownership it is more likely to run expeditiously than a authorities influenced economic system.

The ground why we believe this is all due to the construct of supply and demand. Since supply and demand determine the monetary value of goods and services and the monetary value so determined what to bring forth and how much to bring forth. But all this depends on what the consumer wants and demands and so all of this catches the attending of new and established companies. Making an inducement for these companies to make or better goods and services out in the market. But when the consumer demand lessening so does the monetary values and doing most companies go out of concern or get down bring forthing different goods and merchandise. The United States is ranked figure 10 in the Index of Economic freedom it has bead one topographic point since last twelvemonth due to the high authorities disbursement. increasing degrees of corruptness. and a lessening in investing freedom.

While Cuba ranked 177th in the index of economic Freedom do its economic system one of the least free although there was a little addition since last twelvemonth. There was a lessening in corruptness to pecuniary freedom that was offset by a addition in financial freedom. Although the US economic foundation remains stronger the recent intercession from the Obama Administration have cut down on the bounds of the authorities. The public disbursement on all the degree of the authorities has now exceeded 1/3 of entire domestic end product. While Cuba economic foundation ill laid and are non reinforced uniting the absence of the independent and Fair Judiciary system has weaken the regulation of jurisprudence doing more widespread of corruptness. ( The Heritage Foundation. 2012 )

In Cuba has command economic system that is defined as an economic system in which concern activities and allotment of resources are determined by authorities order instead than the market forces. The province has retained the primary function in Cuban Economy and controls most of the foreign trade ( Roberts ) . The authorities has tackled many economic reforms that are designed to increase labour inducements. addition handiness of nutrient. consumer goods and services. They focused on nutrient security because of low agribusiness production doing Cuba extremely dependant on the imports of many goods and services. The Cuban has a comparatively closed economic system but since the planetary downswing Cuba’s export have decreased significantly. In 2008. Cuba has had major set back’s due to a series of lay waste toing hurricanes doing a 20 % lessening in the state GDP.

Harmonizing to CIA World fact book the US Birth Ratess are 13. 7 births/ 1. 000 populations it was ranked figure 147 and Cuba birth rates are 9. 96 births/ 1. 000 populations it ranked figure 197. This figure depicts the mean one-year figure of birth a twelvemonth for every 1. 000 individual in the population. This figure determines the existent rate of population growing it depends besides on the degree of birthrate and age construction of the population of both states. Meaning that Cuba population is non replacing the current people that are eligible for retirement while the US isn’t replacing their population either but it closer in accomplishing it. The life anticipation for the entire population of Cuba is 77. 87 old ages and for US it is 78. 49 old ages. It measures the life anticipation of both male and female born in the same twelvemonth and it will stay changeless if mortality at each age remains changeless for future coevalss. It besides a measuring for overall quality of life in the US and in Cuba or it can bespeak the possible return on investing in human capital. The Entire population for the US is 313. 847. 465 and the entire population for Cuba is 11. 075. 244.

The literacy rate for the US is 99 % for the entire population and for Cuba 99. 8 % what this means is anybody 15 and over can read and compose stating that the schools system is effectual plenty merely a really little per centum of the state population can non read or compose. This means that the economic system is developing at a healthy rate and is maintaining with the quickly altering planetary economic system. The fleshiness rate for grownups in the US is 33. 9 % compared to rest of the universe it ranked 6th. Cuba fleshiness rate is 11. 8 % which compared to the remainder of the universe it ranked fiftieth. The GDP per capita is buying power divided by population for the US it is $ 48. 300 and for Cuba the sum is $ 9. 900. The existent GDP for the US is $ 15. 8 trillion and the sum for Cuba is $ 114. 1 billion. The unemployment rate for Cuba since last twelvemonth was 3. 2 % and for the US since last twelvemonth was 9 % . The rising prices rate on consumer monetary values in Cuba since last twelvemonth is 4. 7 % and in the US since last twelvemonth was 3. 1 % . But when you really compared the math harmonizing to existent population demoing that US is get downing to do their manner through the public debt and still the there are more talk about authorities disbursement. While Cuba authorities continues to contend for balance between the demand for leeway in the economic system against a desire for steadfast political control ( CIA. 2012 ) .

The Freedom House web site has given the position of free in the degrees of freedom and regard for human right while Cuba was given the position of non free. The US was given the evaluation of 1in freedom. which is the highest mark. and Cuba freedom evaluation was 6. 5. Meaning the Cuban authorities has been denying basic human right their population since their province has maintained the primary function in the Cuban economic system. The Official corruptness is still a major job on the island with the turning illegal activities from the private and province controlled activities. In October 2011 the Cuban authorities has relaxed the long-standing economic limitations on the population making leeway for persons to purchase and sell in private owned autos and house. In 2011 president Obama faced tough opposition from the opposing party making a legislative gridlock with small to no advancement to cut down the states budget shortage. In the autumn. the constabulary sometimes used aggressive action towards the crowd of people who were in response of the turning economic inequality.

After seeing these statistics I realized that both states have major defects in seeking to supply their population with their basic demands. Neither a Democratic nor Authoritarian government is wholly efficient in supplying their population with their basic demands. The US is a extremely modernised state with an economic system that supports private and public owned concern. Compared to Cuba whose is a underdeveloped state whose provinces controls most of economic determination and foreign trade. The one I think does a better occupation in supplying their population with the basic demands.


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