Use of It in Modern World

9 September 2016

For the HDCS-Infortec International| | By Isuri Dilanka Rg:12GP1220 | 3/20/2013| This document contains introduction on the importance of IT, its usage in modern world and finally the conclusion of the researcher. | The importance of IT to the modern world Introduction Nearly everyone worked in agriculture before the industrial revolution. People communicated by words or messages written on paper. Soon after the industrial revolution, life changed for everyone. Factories were started where a large number of people worked together.

In order to administer them, there came a need for offices. With the development of trade a lot of documentation was involved. As technology advanced, people wanted to find easy ways of completing the paperwork. The computer is probably the latest tool available from a series of machines that were developed over the years such as the typewriter, telephone, fax etc. The computer was initially developed to be a calculating device that can calculate at very high speeds. Since 80% of the work done on the computer is of non-mathematical nature it cannot merely be regarded as a calculating device.

Use of It in Modern World Essay Example

A computer us really a device that operates upon information, data & communication. The present age is referred to as the ‘information age’ as most people’s lives depend on information technology. A lot of people work on computer related fields and computers affect everybody in one way or the other. Communication too is becoming an integral part of information technology & it is for this reason that information technology (IT) is now being replaced by information communication technology (ICT). Use and Importance of IT in the modern world Today, computer has become an important part of day-to-day life.

Most human activities take place with the aid of ICT. It gives more effective and speedy solutions to real life problems. People lead complex lifestyles that need most suitable solutions within shortest time. ICT satisfies these requirements in a comprehensive manner. Hence today has become the IT or ICT age. Few instances where IT or ICT is heavily used * Home: Hobbies, Entertainment, Household bills & accounts etc. * Everyday Life: Supermarkets, Banks, Hospitals, Security & Defense etc. * Education: Libraries, Simulation of laboratory experiments on computers, Computer Aided Learning- CAL etc.

Engineering: Chemical plants, Oil refineries, Manufacturing of cars etc. * Commercial/ Industrial: Air & road traffic controls, Travel & transportation etc. Elaboration of above topics is mentioned below : Application| Usage | Home| Most of the time computers at home are usedFor writing letters, sending and receiving e-mail, Playing games, browsing the internet to gather information, for shopping, to watch movies and just about anything| Supermarkets| The computer has a record for each item with information such as the item number, name, description, price, quantity in the stock etc.

The central computer is able to identify the item number by using the bar code reader. Once identified, the number is sent to the central computer, which in turn sends the information that corresponds to the item to POS terminal to be printed. The computer also does the necessary stock adjustments by subtracting the quantity sold of the particular item. IT is used to automate manual accounting systems such as ledger, sales and purchases, stock control. | Banks (ATM, Transactions, Tele banking, Credit card payments)| All transactions are entered then and there by the teller so that work doesn’t get accumulated.

Each transaction as it is entered is updated in the master file at the central computer. The teller just types in the account number and he is given instant access. | Educational Administration| IT is used to automate school administration activities such as keeping records of students, examination results, normal office work and communication with other schools via e-mail etc. | Education (Computer Assisted School Administration)| In subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics laboratory experiments can be simulated on the computer.

The computer can be used to explain vast concepts more vividly by using its ‘graphics’ capability to display pictures, diagrams and even videos. Some experiments can be done virtually. Video conferencing. For distant learning, Use of World Wide Web in finding information. CAL (Computer Assisted Learning) – the computer presents material, asks questions based on the students performance, determines whether to present new material or review topics already covered. | Library| A library contains thousands of books, magazines, and other items which a borrower may wish to borrow.

Maintaining records of books and borrowers can be a complicated and tedious job but may well suit a computer system. Finding available books and reserving them is made very simple with the use of computers. | Transportation| IT is used by railways and airlines for reservation of seats, control of traffic and maintaining time-tables of vehicles and duties of the crew. It is used in all fields of air traffic. Every aircraft has a small computer fitted to help pilots in various ways. | Medicine (Chemical Analysis, CT, MRI, US Scanning, ECG, EEG, Surgery)| In hospitals special computers are built inside different equipment.

Ex: CAT scanners (Computer Axial Tomography). Further maintenance of patients’ records in electronic databases enhances services provided. | Defense & Security (Signal operations, Missile guidance & Nuclear plant operations)| IT is very useful in tracking down criminals through the maintenance of their databases. In warfare computers are used to guide missiles. | Engineering| Engineers use IT to prepare drawings of machines, tools, bridges, buildings etc. (CAD-Computer Aided Designing). Also computers are used to control manufacture of items. (CAM-Computer Assisted Manufacture).

The use of Robots in industries is another example| Entertainment| This basically covers video games, music and movies played back by computers with multimedia facilities. | Conclusion Through all these information it is clearly identified the importance IT to modern world: that IT is an integral part of modern life. IT has taken the modern world under its dominance and it makes human relationships much closure leading to a much better future. References: ICT Classroom in a book by Chandana De Silva Newspaper Feedback : Assessor: Signature: ……………………….. Date: …………………………

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