Use of Sam as Narrator in In Country

4 April 2015
An analysis of the effectiveness of using Sam as the narrator of Bobbie Ann Mason’s book In Country.

This paper is a review of Bobbie Ann Mason’s “In Country” , a novel that deals with the Vietnam War on a personal level. The paper considers the message of the book, that everyone was affected by the war whether they were directly involved or not, and whether using the character of Sam to narrate the story effectively conveys that message.
“As it is a very important part of our country’s history, many books have been written about the Vietnam War. Whether they are novels or history books, fiction or non-fiction, these works explain the history of the war and its impacts on the United States and its citizens. Bobbie Ann Mason’s In Country is one novel that deals with the Vietnam War on a personal level. It is told through the viewpoint of Sam Hughes, a teenage girl whose father was killed in Vietnam before she was born. Through her narration, readers learn that the Vietnam War affected everyone on some level, whether they were personally involved in it or not.”

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