Useful Techniques in Negotiations Essay Sample

9 September 2017

1. Definition of dialogue
Negotiation is a duologue between two or more people or parties. intended to make an apprehension. decide point of difference. or gain advantage in result of duologue. to bring forth an understanding upon classs of action. to dicker for single or corporate advantage. to craft results to fulfill assorted involvements of two people/parties involved in dialogue procedure. Negotiation is a procedure where each party involved in negociating attempts to derive an advantage for themselves by the terminal of the procedure. Negotiation is intended to take at via media. Negotiation occurs in concern. non-profit organisations. authorities subdivisions. legal proceedings. among states and in personal state of affairss such as matrimony. divorce. parenting. and mundane life. The survey of the topic is called dialogue 2. Background information

Last month I participated in a seminar with a subject: “Luggage for your affluent life in future” . The chief presenter was Mr. Dang le Nguyen Vu – the CEO of Trung Nguyen Coffee Corporation – one of the most valuable and celebrated java trade names in Viet Nam every bit good as in the universe. Sharing his work experiences. he dealt with the inquiry: “What will do your product’s value and besides convey the largest possible net income? ” The most of import thing was you have to do it alone and worthy to purchase. After that. a pupil asked him a inquiry: “How can you explicate about the really little net income husbandmans get from their agricultural merchandises? They produce extremely choice goods in a long clip but the sum of money they get back is merely plenty for them to do terminals run into? ” He said that the net income non merely depended on echt values of their merchandises. There was besides a concealed key: It was negotiation accomplishments.

To be honest. husbandmans did non hold equal experiences in dialogue. Hence. they had to purchase natural and on the job stuffs at rather high monetary value from providers yet sell the concluding merchandises with low monetary value. which is non worthy with their attempt. It is weak accomplishments in dialogue to fault for. I started believing about this soft accomplishment. It is true that we can non deny its necessity in our life. because it’s non merely an indispensable component in concern which helps to make up one’s mind if it would be possible to make the biggest net income. but besides a key to success in about callings. A president needs to be perfectly first-class at this accomplishment to maneuver diplomatic conversations in economic system. political relations. military personal businesss. instruction with governmental deputations from spouse states. It is indispensable for concern work forces to be peremptorily superb and experiential at dialogue accomplishments if he expects his company to ever get solid and developmental accomplishments as good. Employees need to admit that dialogue accomplishments are highly indispensible. something that they have to use good earlier get downing to work. Even housewives use dialogue all the clip in their day-to-day life. when they buy or pay something. However. it is a fact that non all people have the thought of tips for a successful dialogue. 3. Aims

Our group has chosen the subject: “Techniques for negotiations” for this study. Our subject provides highly utile and practical cognition. In the research. we investigate some of import and necessary tips for a successful dialogue. We hope that with a good readying and comfortss that our subject touch upon. you can acquire really practical experiences for yourself and besides have a comprehensive position about this fast one accomplishment to success in whole life. 4. Reason for the pick

We are pupils majoring in Business English. In this semester. we are larning dialogue accomplishment which is one of the chief parts in our survey plan. particularly in Speaking and Profile. Besides. dialogue accomplishment is perfectly necessary for non in concern but besides in day-to-day life purchases.

5. Subject of survey
a. Buyer
* Interview
NHN Corporation ( KRX: 035420 ) is an Internet content service operator headquartered in Seongnam. South Korea and established in 1998. It operates the Naver portal. which is the most popular Internet portal and hunt engines in South Korea. and Hangame. the country’s figure one on-line game portal. It besides has affiliates in Japan. China ( Ourgame and nciku ) and the United States. It has the largest market capitalisation of KOSDAQ-listed companies. * Questionnaire

The questionnaire was conducted with 47 persons dwelling of pupils in NEU. pupils from other Vietnamese universities and abroad studying pupils. Our group collected the consequences through hand-outs and on-line study. B. Supplier

Ha Thuong Company is a organisation majoring in existent estate
* Type of belongings: lands for lodging in the new urban countries in Ha Noi. Hai Duong. * Regular clients: office employees. business communities ( mean or high wage ) * Annual mean per centum of finishing gross revenues mark with three-year undertakings: 35 % * Partner: Real Estate Trading Center ( committee: 1 % )

6. Scope of the survey
We carry out the study with both sides: providers and purchasers in two spheres of concern market: Electronic merchandises and existent belongingss. Both spheres provide indispensable merchandises in our modern life now. Therefore. it seems evident that the sum of information we collect and sum up is really utile and realistic.

B. Methodology
I. Research inquiry:
What are techniques used to get a successful dialogue for: + Buyers?
+ Sellers?

II. Method of roll uping information.
1. Buying electronic devices
The first portion investigated is buying electronic goods. In this epoch of information engineering. the demand for utilizing engineering electronic goods is much more than of all time before. Anybody from any societal category such as: pupils. instructors. officers and even workers have to utilize computing machines. TVs. laptops for work and life. Therefore. electronic accoutrements are earphones. keyboards. mice. remote controls. etc. are bought in bulk every twenty-four hours. You are a pupil? So it is certain that you have at least one time bought one or some sorts of electronic goods to function your working or analyzing. Consequently. our group created an probe in how to make a successful trade in dialogue in place of clients. The chief purpose of this portion is to detect the techniques that purchasers use to hold the highest winning rate and range benefits in negociating. We assure that this information is necessary and utile to you when you are pupils or even alumnuss subsequently.

The first sort of roll uping informations was questioning. in which we had a conversation with a individual who have a batch of experiences in this field. The adult male is in charge of buying electronic devices for his company. He was helpful and friendly to portion us all the techniques which help him cover with dialogue and bargaining. He is an usual client of Tran Anh Corp. – an electronic devices provider. Second method was passing out a questionnaire which consists of 14 inquiries including both multiple-choice and Yes/No inquiries. The survey’s participants are officers. pupils and abroad pupils who on a regular basis buy electronic devices. This aimed to research about the wonts and techniques clients used when purchasing this sort of things. Finally. the last method was roll uping information on the Internet where a great trade of utile and interesting information is available. 2. Selling houses and existent estate.

The 2nd portion investigated was selling houses or existent estate. This concern is considered as a concern offering much net income for investors. Since existent estate belongings is non a normal merchandise but something that is used for long-run and ; hence. there would be many affairs to cautiously trade with when negociating. Furthermore. the net incomes gained in this field chiefly depend on how well Sellerss can carry their clients to purchase a belongings. As a consequence. a research on the schemes taking to the success of a existent estate dialogue is indispensable. We hope that the informations collected can assist all the future business communities or businesswomen like us get utile cognition. The sort of roll uping informations is questioning. The interviewee was the director of a real-estate company. His occupation was covering with selling houses for clients. He shared his experiences and schemes which enabled to hold a successful dialogue with purchasers. After giving a questionnaire for him to make full in. we asked him a few inquiries. He was willing to assist by giving us clear information about his occupation and experiences. On the other manus. we besides searched on the Internet to acquire more inside informations about this sort of concern. Our study did non research on merely one side: lone Sellerss or lone purchasers. In contrast. we would wish to give audiences a both-side overview about dialogue in concern. How to be wise purchasers? And how to be a profitable Sellerss?

I. Buying electronic devices
1. Interview
There is brief information about interview with Mr. Van Ngoc Trung – buying director of NHN Vietnam Corporation. We did inquire him a figure of inquiries. Harmonizing to Mr. Trung. dialogue is natural in about all trading. non peculiarly in purchasing electronic goods merely. He informed that dialogue was non merely his responsibility but besides his passion. Fortunately. he about ever succeeded in negociating or dickering points. The chief intent of our interview was inquiring for some techniques or tips to be a wise buyer- who was normally able to win the dialogues. * Prior probe in concerned points seemed to be the first chief tip. This helped purchasers cognize precisely about the characteristics of the merchandises. created an feeling of a knowing client and avoided being cheated by Sellerss. * The products’ trade name name should be carefully considered every bit good so that the quality and monetary value could be guaranteed. Sometimes. it was the trade name name that makes the monetary value higher than its true value.

* Third. in instance of fixed monetary value. a consideration into the prestigiousness and other services of the shop. such as: after-sale services. accoutrements and guaranteed period should be paid attending to earnestly. * It seemed obvious that the most of import technique to acquire a trade in bargaining was remaining consciously and maintaining a fire hook face. Customers should avoid being affected by honied words from the sellers- experts in carrying people to purchase their merchandises. Thus. be on your guard and avoid demoing your captivation with the merchandises. * The following tip to larn was cut downing cost by go forthing unneeded accoutrements. It would be a waste of money if constituents traveling with the merchandises were excess. In fact. these gifts or accoutrements were a portion of the products’ the monetary value. * If possible. conveying an experient individual accompanied with you when purchasing electronic material was the last technique. That one could help you to take the right sort of merchandises. negotiate monetary value or other benefits and give you dependable advices when buying.

2. Analyzing the questionnaire.
Our survey’s purpose was to look into people’s negociating wont when buying electronic merchandises. * Whether or non to negociate?
* Do you negociate when purchasing electronic goods? The 1st inquiry showed that there are 35 people. accounting for 75 % . had negotiated when purchasing electronic devices. The remainder. 12 people informed that they did non negociate when buying non merely electronic merchandises but besides most of other times of when purchasing something. Mr. Van Ngoc Trung ( 24 ) claims that it was indispensable and certain to dicker and negociate when purchasing any sorts of goods. It was due to the fact that nowadays. it seemed to be common that the marketer would raise the monetary value to a much higher degree than its original 1. As a consequence. one had to negociate in order to acquire the merchandises at a sensible monetary value. The 25 % admitted that they did non deal. which was non because they found the monetary value sensible but chiefly due to a deficiency of negociating accomplishments. This meant the bulk of people at any age or any place in society wanted to have a price reduction when purchasing things particularly electronic goods.

Chart 1: The figure of people who negotiate or non when purchasing electronic merchandises. and how many of them win.

* Do you normally win in dialogue?
Out of 35 people who claimed to hold negotiated whenever purchasing electronic merchandises. there are 22 people. accounting for 63 % . wining in bargaining. It could be inferred that although a big figure of people wanted to purchase goods at a moderate monetary value. non all negotiants could be successful. In fact. dialogues required experiences and the victors must be adept and sometimes. lucky as good. * How make you take a merchandise?

* You would purchase a merchandise if it were… ?
Chart 2: Footing to take electronic merchandises

It is shown that 70 % of people want to purchase the merchandises harmonizing to their affordability. Obviously. non many people. particularly pupils. were willing to pour all their money into these sorts of things. They merely wanted to hold these points whose monetary values were sensible with their pocket. * Which is the most of import things paid attending to?

Chart 3: The most importance
However. it seemed to be a fact that the first precedence of a consumer was quality and trade name name. non the monetary value. as 83 % of participants take this to be the most of import. Therefore. 66 % of purchasers preferred to travel to dealers’ or wholesales’ when in demand of an electronic goods instead than an acquaintance’s shop.

* When you were interested in an electronic merchandise. you would? Besides. when holding a liking for an electronic merchandise. people reacted in assorted ways. 27. 7 % claimed to purchase it despite the high monetary value. while 40. 4 % delay for a sale-off. The remainder. 31. 9 % decided to purchase another merchandise with a lower monetary value. Since merely one-quarter was unhesitating to purchase the merchandise at its quoted monetary value. it was evident the bulk would instead to pay a smaller sum of money in malice of their involvement in the devices.

* The oncoming of a purchase
* Coming into an electronic shop. you would?
Chart 4: Onset of a purchase
The wont of the bulk of clients ( 78. 7 % ) was shoping the merchandises before inquiring the monetary values of merchandises. while there were 15 % inquiring for monetary values so shoping. The remainder ( 6. 3 % ) would inquire for monetary value after guaranting to purchase the merchandises. This explained more about the first precedence of clients. which was quality and trade name name. * When client liked a merchandise. they would?

When in demand of purchasing some merchandises. 3 % would purchase at the first shop to get because of the idea all the shops are the same. Besides. there was a little spread in the figure of people who would look into the monetary value at as many stores as possible before make up one’s minding to purchase ( 42. 6 % ) and who would purchase instantly when given a sensible monetary value to their pocket ( 46. 8 % ) . * Attitude when purchasing

* What are your reactions and behaviours when negociating?

Chart 5: Chemical reaction and behaviours
Refering the attitude while buying and negociating. 36 out of 47 agreed that a fire hook face was the most suited when seeking to dickering. particularly for inexperient purchasers. There was equality in the figure of consumers who candidly expressed themselves and who tried to be intelligent about the merchandises. Surprisingly. there was merely one individual who considered happening mistake with the merchandises to be one of the ways to negociate.

* How make you negociate?
* When the monetary value was higher than you expected. you would? When people were asked about their response happening the monetary value higher than their outlook. the tabular array below shows the consequences. Lower the monetary value to your low-cost level| 8| 17 % |

Lower the monetary value to a bottom degree and delay for the marketer to raise| 6| 12. 8 % | Leave for other stores| 31| 66 % |
Other| 2| 4. 2 % |

That the bulk chose to travel to other shops and 29. 8 % stayed at the shop and negotiate. which has proved a fact that about people were still unwilling and even afraid of bargaining. which was a common in Western states. This was partially due to the cultural differences. Western people felt that they deserved the best and idea of themselves before the others ; hence. they were perfectly familiar with negociating. Meanwhile. Asians were likely to esteem the others more than themselves. taking to the fact that they felt hesitant to deal and argue about the monetary value. A deficiency of accomplishments and experiences was besides a ground ensuing in vacillation to deal. In add-on. when negociating in footings of monetary value. more than half of purchasers ( 53. 2 % ) admitted to dicker to a moderate degree because they felt pitiful for the shop. Another 21. 3 % tried to decrease the monetary value every bit low as possible. while 12. 85 % used take-it-or-leave-it gambit. gave one monetary value and did non alter their head. The remainder 6 people did non hold their reply since they had ne’er tried to dicker.

Chart 6: Normally used ways in dialogues
When bargaining. a big figure of clients. 26 out of 47 participants. normally made a comparing with other shops that offered lower monetary values and insisted the modern-day shop to give a price reduction. Other 44. 7 % would be honorable to state that their available sum of money was lower than the given monetary value and asked for a decrease in monetary value. The remainder 16 people would knock some characteristics of the merchandises in an effort to diminish the monetary values. Since more than one option could be chosen. the entire per centum went higher than 100 % . This indicated that when seeking to negociate. clients responded in assorted and flexible ways. * While negociating. you would?

Chart 7: Actions taken in dialogue
In the procedure of negociating. 15 out of 47. accounting for 32 % . claimed to progress an ideal monetary value instantly at the first oncoming. There were even 4 people who admitted that they would set force per unit area on the marketer. confused them and made them agree rapidly. The two sorts of negociating seemed to be a small strong and consecutive. but someway could ensue in a success. The largest part. 55 % would instead take the seller’s attitude into consideration before make up one’s minding whether or non to dicker while the remainder left pick in space. It meant that these 28 clients were still afraid of negociating or. precisely. they did non hold adequate courage did non cognize how to dicker. However. after negociating for a piece. 80 % would halt deal and via media with the shop proprietors whereas the remainder claimed to be retentive and continued until having some advantages.

Most of the people affecting in the study were pupils who found it critical to pass economically. Therefore. they barely went into such shops like electronic shops because of the concern that they did non hold experience or adequate money. Sing this state of affairs. Mr. Trung suggested some tips: * When purchasing goods. clients. particularly the immature. were normally influenced by sweet negotiations from the store keepers. Therefore. remaining witting was a requirement in order non to be fooled. Furthermore. demoing your cognition of the merchandises was a good tip. so that the marketer would non overstate about the characteristics and monetary value of merchandises. by which they took the naif clients in. These tips allowed to make a balance between both sides ( purchasers and Sellerss ) * When coming into a large shop. pupils were normally dazzled by its luxury and started to believe about their affordability. However. they should acquire familiar with the place of a God. the right to speak belonged to them. In add-on. it was wise to do your pick from a broad scope before make up one’s minding what to buy.

II. Selling houses and existent estate
Mr. Pham Xuan Ve was the individual interviewed. He is the director of Ha Phuong Company- which is a organisation major in existent estate whose types of belongings are lands for lodging in the new urban countries in Ha Noi. Hai Duong. To roll up information. we interviewed him by giving him some inquiries and a questionnaire. 1. Interview and analyzing:

In a dialogue. what are the most of import things?
He said a successful dialogue required both a good readying and some certain accomplishments during the negotiating procedure. And it was certain to state that readying was the first most of import factor. Mr. Ve said that a existent estate belongings was non similar as a normal merchandise. people would purchase it for life or making concern so it would impact to buyers’ lives. As a consequence. careful readying is really of import for the success of a dialogue.

a. Tips to hold a good readying
What are the keys to hold a good readying?
The CEO suggested some tips to hold a good readying. They are: acquire the belongings in top status. cognize how to put the monetary value scope and research opposite number. * Get your belongings in top status.

If the place was on the market with obvious defects such as pigment. fixs. killing. rugs and landscaping. Sellers could be certain prospective purchasers would either non look at it. or if an offer is made. it will be low. To avoid this. Sellerss should analyze the place carefully before allowing purchasers visit. Therefore. Sellerss should do the belongings in first category status so the purchaser could non bring-up any important expostulations. * Give the monetary value scope for the clients

Customers besides had to fix money to pay for their houses. so they would wish to inquire for monetary values. scope pricing and tactic. Range pricing was when Sellerss listed a house for sale and. instead than traveling out on the market at a set monetary value. give a scope in which the marketer will see an offer. How Mr. Ve set scope pricing?

He suggested that Sellerss should engage a professional valuator to measure the place and supply an adept sentiment of the market value is a good solution for Sellerss. Particularly. Sellerss should take an valuator who is decently licensed and is experienced in the country nearby. Another manner to find the market value of the belongings is to interview several existent estate agents about naming it for sale. The Chief executive officer explained that each agent would fix a written comparative market analysis which is an rating of similar. late sold places that are near a place intended to be bought or sold. With this. Sellerss can set up a monetary value scope based on current market activity. By that manner. there are many purchasers or investors could put the monetary value scope for belongingss. However. in some state of affairss. the monetary value scope of belongingss depends on the market tendency. In a lifting market. purchasers are motivated to raise their commands and Sellerss are motivated to inquire over comparable gross revenues values. On the contrary. in worsening markets. Sellerss ( who accept world ) are motivated to take down their inquiring monetary values and purchasers offer
commands lower than recent comparable gross revenues.

* Research opposite number was truly of import
In a place monetary value dialogue. it’s indispensable to look at the trade from the opposite side of the tabular array. particularly buyers’ motive. fiscal status and the individual who introduces the house to them. The first thing holding to cognize is buyers’ motive. “How can Sellerss cognize whether a purchaser is motivated or non? ” Mr. Ve said Sellerss could cognize this by some signals such as telephones and electronic mails. The higher frequence of these signals. the higher demand of clients in purchasing the belongings. There are many place purchase grounds. However. if the purchaser has indicated a cardinal ground why that peculiar house is under consideration. such as its great status. outstanding school territory. or need to travel in rapidly. the marketer can utilize that information to heighten their dialogue place. In add-on. holding basic information about fiscal status will assist Sellerss know whether a purchaser is a possible client or non. Finally. Sellerss should cognize the beginning of mention because this individual will hold some effects to the client.

B. Techniques in negociating procedure
After holding a good readying. accomplishments were necessary to make up one’s mind the victor in a dialogue What are the techniques needed in negociating procedure?

* You should be a good hearer:
The best hearers about ever turned out to be the best negotiants. It was by and large agreed that non all negotiants understood the importance of listening in dialogue. Some Sellerss thought of dialogue chiefly as a occupation of persuasion—and to them. this meant speaking. Learning to be a great hearer was difficult work. but the wagess made it worth the attempt. Attentive hearing would assist Sellerss go a successful negotiant. After questioning. we found there were some keys to go a good hearer. How to be a good hearer?

If must talk. inquire inquiries.
When you posed inquiries. you could acquire two ends: to acquire more specific and better refined information and to bring out the counterpart’s demands and wants. With this in head when inquiring inquiries. you would acquire more information of what purchasers need to do the best determination. Let the purchaser present foremost.

From what the purchaser nowadayss. he would be easier in advancing higher monetary value than normal. The best thing to make was to inquire what monetary value of the existent estate the purchaser was looking for and what they needed in the existent estate. By concentrating on those things. the marketer could raise the property’s monetary value without being known by the purchaser and besides make satisfaction because all the purchaser needs is catered. As a consequence. the purchasers thought they had found the right spouse. Write everything down.

There was much conflicting information which would come up subsequently in the dialogue. If we wrote down the term discussed. we could forestall clients to travel back and negociate once more the old points. Give the other party undivided attending.

The end of the dialogue was to make a win-win result so the purchasers would be willing to negociate with the marketer once more. It was of import to demo the Sellerss were just. honest and nice. To do this. he would do eye- contacts and non-verbal. Careful observation would assist to find the true significance behind the seller’s words. Do non disrupt when the other party is talking.

When he interrupted the opposite number. non merely the Realtor was being ill-mannered. but the needful information that could be utile in the ulterior dialogue might besides be cut off. Some purchasers have tactics when purchasing belongingss. how to cover with them? Mr. Ve had shared other relevant information which was truly utile. * Know how to cover with some buyers’ tactics:

Sometimes. purchasers. particularly skilled 1s. utilize some tactics when negociating to derive some excess net incomes. Therefore. cognizing how to respond in some tough state of affairss is necessary to hold a successful dialogue. Mr. Ve. with his 20-year experiences. shared 4 major tactics purchasers could utilize which are higher authorization. non-stop negotiating. sudden statements and inquiring without giving information of buyer’s side maneuver through replying some state of affairs inquiries. he besides suggested some ways to response to purchasers. These buyers’ tactics are besides investigated on the Internet to hold a better overview. How to cover with higher authorization maneuver:

The CEO said that sometimes purchasers said that they lack the authorization to reason a concluding understanding in the last proceedingss of a dialogue. In fact. nevertheless. they could reason the proposed understanding themselves. or some purchasers technically lacks the authorization but knows that in all chance the higher authorization will O.K. their recommendations. * Before get downing negotiating. Sellerss should inquire purchasers whether they need understanding from another one or non ; and so. be certain all parties necessary to subscribe the contract are present. * The CEO besides suggested another manner which is that Sellerss would take a firm stand on a written deadline for obtaining any necessary blessing of a third-party who is losing from the dialogue. Harmonizing to the interviewee. it is best to word the clause really carefully.

How to response to a marketer who ne’er quit inquiring to acquire a better monetary value. This tactic is used when person keeps inquiring or negociating the trade even when it is purportedly done. It works best when there is a batch of clip invested and people are ready to shut the trade and move on. It besides works best with little grants. With the 20-year experience of selling places. the Chief executive officer shared that people normally used this tactic to maintain back certain points they want until the really last minute when Sellerss are vulnerable. * The solution is to decline to negociate farther – unless the marketer doesn’t want to lose that purchaser and no other purchasers are in sight. Be ready to decline. In instance of the state of affairs that the purchaser raises a big figure of issues so that marketer can’t retrieve all the information. marketer should take notes the commissariats which has been agreed by both parties. How to cover with sudden statements from purchasers:

We all know that when negociating. clients can suggest many sudden statements or inquiries which may surprise the Sellerss. This was usually a sudden statement blurted out by a purchaser – frequently a “trial close” designed to catch you slightly by surprise and acquire your verification on a trade favorable to the purchaser. Therefore. Mr. Ve suggested some solutions for us: * In existent estate. a contract had to be in composing to be enforceable lawfully. However. if the purchaser asked the marketer “Would you take $ 10. 000 less than your asking monetary value for this house? ” the seller’s reply was ever incorrect. If the marketer says “yes” the purchaser merely got a monetary value decrease from which to negociate farther downward. even before doing a purchase offer. If the marketer says “no. ” the purchaser might be turned off from doing an offer to purchase that abode.

* The best response to this state of affairs could be: “I’ll expression at any offer that you present me in composing. ” This response diffused the state of affairs instantly and allowed Sellerss clip to see things. How to respond if purchasers give many inquiries without giving their side’s information. This might be one of buyers’ dialogue techniques. In this tactic. purchasers had designed inquiries to measure seller’s place without giving any hints about their place. Basically. these inquiries allowed them to derive information without doing a committedness. When marketer was on the having terminal of a test balloon inquiry. he might experience compelled to reply it exhaustively. The solution for Sellerss in this state of affairs is:

* Resisting and countering with another inquiry. For illustration. if the purchaser asks. “Would you consider financing the house yourself? ” . the marketer should react. “Well. if I did. what would your offer be? ” The expected response should be a higher offer from the purchaser. III. Situation

1. Electronic good buying
Mr. Van Ngoc Trung’s company was in demand of a large sum of trim parts and personal computing machines. Responsible for this responsibility. Mr. Trung chose Tran Anh Company as usual. All what he had to purchase included 2 Personal computers and 3 proctors with the entire monetary value at 30. 895 million VND. Besides. he would have a 10 % -discount verifier for the following clip he bought computing machine accoutrements. That clip he had a direct meeting with Mr. Quyen – the director of buying of Tran Anh. Mr. Trung said that he had been a frequent client and had had large and long-run contracts with the company. He proposed to be given 8 % price reduction for that contract. Obviously. Mr. Quyen could non accept that. stating those products’ monetary values were fixed. so an 8 % decrease in entire monetary value was impossible for them. Alternatively. merely a 3 % price reduction could be considered for the measure. Then Mr. Trung revealed about his company’s purpose. in which a big measure of laptops would be bought for the interest of all the staff in the undermentioned month. which was perfectly a large contract for Tran Anh Company. Along with that. Mr. Trung would non take VAT measure and the 10 % price reduction verifier. In the terminal a 6 % price reduction was set. both sides were satisfied with that dialogue. 2. Selling houses and existent estate

We gave Mr. Pham Xuan Ve a state of affairs about selling an flat owned by his company and asked him what his company would make in that state of affairs. Situation:
Mr. Pham Xuan Ve owns a high-toned condominium in My Dinh. Hanoi. The inquiring monetary value of his company is 2500USD/m2. There is a client wants to purchase an flat with 100m2 so the entire monetary value is 2. 500. 000 USD. This purchaser and a sales representative have an assignment to negociate the monetary value of the flat. In the dialogue. the client ever asks the marketer for dismissing 3 % of entire value of the belongings. nevertheless. this monetary value is impossible for the company. The Chief executive officer shared that his company had a price reduction policy. If the purchaser can present another flat to his friends or relations with the status that this belongings has to be bought successfully. his company will offer a 1-2 % price reduction on the introduced flat.

Besides. if the client pays 70 % the entire value of the belongings instantly. the purchaser will besides be gave 1 or 2 price reduction. Another state of affairs is that if the client goes with other 3 or 4 people and each one besides wants to purchase an flat. his company will give them price reductions. However. the per centum of price reductions will depend on the market tendency at that clip. If the market tendency is traveling down. the offer can be 1 or 2 % price reduction. In the instance that the market tendency remains stable. the clients will be offered 0. 2 to 0. 5 % price reductions. If the client doesn’t accept all the above offers. the company will decline selling the belongings and complete the dialogue. On the other manus. if the purchaser accepts one of the offers. he will hold to subscribe in the Committedness to purchase and pay a sedimentation of 5000USD. After one hebdomad from the twenty-four hours of subscribing the papers. if the client changes his head and doesn’t buy the belongings. he will lose his money. On the contrary. if the purchaser decides to purchase. the company and the purchaser will subscribe a contract.

I. Drumhead:
After researching about the dialogue field with the world of the two companies. we found a big sum of information about both companies and the techniques the directors used to accomplish a successful dialogue. Besides. we have concluded some chief points to give audiences an overview about dialogue in concern. The first portion is about purchasing electronic goods. In purchasing this sort of merchandises or any other sort. there are a figure of tips that we should follow to be an intelligent purchaser to get benefits. The first tip seems to be a careful research worker. Fixing yourself all the information or inside informations about considered merchandises. Traveling around to research about other shops. The 2nd tip is paying attending to the prestigiousness of the shop we would purchase the merchandises.

The 3rd technique is sing the trade name name every bit good as the quality of the good. Keeping a fire hook face is the 4th tip. Offering non to take accoutrements to cut down cost and conveying an experient individual as helper are the two last tips for purchasers. The 2nd portion is about existent estate ware. The CEO gave us a few of negociating techniques to acquire net income from concern. First. to hold a good readying. the belongings has to be kept in the best status and Sellerss should hold a inside informations research about clients to understand their demands. their fortunes and their affordability. In add-on. cognizing the sensible scope monetary value is besides of import. Second. be a good hearer. ever let clients state foremost to detect their place. which gives us higher opportunity to be successful. Finally. the last technique is how to response to some buyer’s tactics which will assist Sellerss respond sagely in some tough fortunes.

II. Suggestion for farther survey
Our study is conducted on 48 people including 47 purchasers and 1 marketer. Therefore. the statistics in the study do non reflex the overall psychological tendency. This study should merely be considered as a mention for farther survey. In add-on. dialogue is a really wide subject so there are a big figure of facets needed to be researched but we don’t have opportunity to research all the Fieldss. This paper is merely concerned with some common techniques for purchasers and Sellerss in purchasing electronic devices and selling existent belongingss. There are other facets such as cross-culture dialogue. dialogue manners in different state of affairss. how to make satisfaction for all parties after negociating and so on. This is some suggestions for farther research in the hereafter on dialogue subject.

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