Utopia by Sir Thomas More

4 April 2015
This paper analyzes the book “Utopia” by Sir Thomas More

This paper compares Sir Thomas More’s 2 works of Utopia and United States. Both works together were commonly known as Utopia . It discusses the historical significance of Utopia and its attitude towards religion and compares how these ideas are parallel to the situation today.
From the paper:

In Sir Thomas More?s book commonly known as Utopia, More presents an ideal society, which includes his idealized view of how religion might be practiced in such a perfect country.

It is not possible to examine his view of the perfect religion without considering the times he lived in. Bork (1999) cited some interesting parallels between More?s era and the current one. More saw the common view of what was right and proper crumbling, particularly in the realm of religion. The Catholic Church to which More was devoted was being assailed on several sides. First Martin Luther challenged many of its core beliefs, and then Henry VIII, whom More was sworn to serve, formed a separate Church of England. Tynedale had produced a new translation of the Bible; church services could be held in English as well as in Latin; and the authority of the Catholic Church was being weakened (Philadelphia Society). Although the great majority of United States citizens today would reject the notion that there should be one, nationally recognized religion, many would see some similarities in our modern society and describe it as lacking a moral compass.”

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