Utopian and Dystopic Societies in Science Fiction

4 April 2015
This paper explains the use of dystopic societies in science fiction literature as a vehicle for the authors thoughts on society.

This paper applies the work of science fiction authors LeGuin and Bradbury to examine the questions: What does it mean to be human not in terms of our uniqueness but rather as a member of a larger group? Is it better for someone to choose to be bad or be forced to be good? The paper relates these issues to living in Afghanistan under the Taliban.
“One of the most important devices that science fiction writers use in examining what is essentially and fundamentally human and what is incidental to our nature (an artifact of the particular time and place in which we live) is to place their characters in either utopian or dystopic societies. While these types of societies obviously differ in many aspects, they share a fundamental similarity in that both are centrally planned social systems in which the rights of individuals are sacrificed to the rights of the group.”
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