Uzbekistan – a country of great opportunity

8 August 2016

Uzbekistan as an independent and sovereign state appeared on the political map recently. But if we look back we will see how fast Uzbekistan is burgeoning at economy sphere, development of industry, agriculture and other since independence was proclaimed. The climate in our country is unique but rather favorable for the cultivation of various fruits, vegetables, agricultural products. About 32 mln. hectares of land (out of 45 mln. hectares) are used at agriculture. Approximately 83% of these lands are open grasslands.

On irrigated land world famous grapes and cotton are cultivated, of which high-end products are received. In addition, astrakhan and wool are also proud of Uzbekistan. The republic of Uzbekistan has many strategically important fields and mines of oil, gas, coal, gold, silver, precious metals etc. Some of them are oil and gas deposits in Bukhara, Samarkand, Shurtan, Ustyurt; coal – in Baisun and Angren pools. The most popular gold mine is situated in Muruntau. Moreover, Uzbekistan cooperates with many countries of the world and has friendly and diplomatic relations.

Uzbekistan – a country of great opportunity Essay Example

For instance, economic talks with one of the largest companies in Thailand «PTTEP». As the leader of the delegation Apichart Chinvanno claimed that the main aim of their visit was to contribute to the strengthening of bilateral relations between the two countries which have great potential in such areas as trade, investment and tourism. Representatives of the company «PTTEP» interested in investing in oil and gas sector of Uzbekistan. In this regard, they have held talks with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade of Uzbekistan and “Uzbekneftegaz”.

“Uzbekistan is of great concern to the Thai business, particularly for its private sector. There are wide opportunities for Thai businessmen in Uzbekistan for the development of a successful trade between our countries. In turn, I will do everything I hang, so that the Uzbek-Thai trade, economic and investment cooperation is constantly evolving ascending”. – said Chinvanno. In addition besides huge mineral reserves, Uzbekistan has 50-60% of the labor force of the total population, which is important. And this figure is growing every year.

Uzbekistan is literally a young country, as about 60% of the population – people on average up to 30 years. Literacy in Uzbekistan is about 95%. By level of education, our state is on one of the honorable places among the developed countries of the world. Thus, we can see how big has endowed our country, what it has already achieved and what can be achieved in the future. Incredible potential of the state once again points to the future development, change and progress. And every citizen can proudly state that Uzbekistan – a country of great opportunity.

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