Uzbekistan: A Study of a Developing Country

4 April 2015
This paper details the politics, geography, history and the economics of a developing country.

This essay tells of Uzbekistan’s endeavor to become a developed nation. It details the many problems associated with the transformation of Uzbekistan into a developing country. Some of these problems include corruption, problems with the country’s arid terrain and the challenge of switching from a policy of havoc to one of order with the necessary government agencies in place. The paper then presents the different steps that are necessary to be to taken in order to ensure a successful transformation. The author then discusses the prospects for successful development when faced with many difficult challenges.
“In Uzbekistan state enterprises are being changed into shareholding companies, and private enterprises account for 45 percent of all registered firms. However, these businesses make decisions to set prices, output, and investment on a non-market base. Economic reform has been limited and frequently ineffective. Foreign investment has been low, and the government of Uzbekistan has been reluctant to undertake the reform measures advocated by the IMF, The World Bank, and other international economic organizations. Corruption, inefficiency, and bureaucratic resistance frequently stifle efforts to develop new business initiatives.”

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