V for Vendetta

1 January 2017

Portman, the film makes the assumption that every oppressed citizen is actively skeptical of their own government, can see through its propaganda, and is eager to take up active resistance. It is true that the four or five sets of ordinary British observers in the film are quick to recognize their government’s hypocrisy and lies, but the film may actually be saying that’s correct: We are quite good at recognizing our government’s hypocrisy and lies; the problem is that we’re too willing to put up with it. The problem isn’t opening our eyes to the truth, it’s getting us to do something about it.

The powerfully symbolic film V for Vendetta uses the voice of one anarchist, V, to influence thousands of people into standing together against their fascist government and fight for freedom. Although set in England, the film appeals to American viewers by reflecting similar policies now carried out by the American government A good example would be at the end of the film when all of the masked people approach the line of soldiers.

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The soldiers raise their rifles, but when the masked group advance, they give up, because fear was their only tool of control.

Once the masked people showed that they were not afraid anymore, the government lost their power to rule. Having the masses of people at the bottom in the poster helps suggest that this is a film on political revolution as suggested by the image of people uprising against a background of a city, the city here represents a local government that the masses of people are protesting against. The text `freedom’ and `forever’ emblazoned in red against the masked figure suggests he and the masses of people are together involved in a fight for freedom against the local government

V is the protagonist and is a lone freedom fighter in totalitarian Britain, who is always shown wearing a cape and a Guy Fawkes mask. He uses his knowledge and courage as his power over Sutler to make the public aware of what Sutler’s deceiving actions. His power as a lone freedom fighter enables him to start a revolution against Chancellor Sutler. V is an idea of freedom, as is emphasised in the movie, which implies that V has greater power over the other characters as ideas can never be destroyed. V’s sympathetic character enables him to gain power as he is fighting for a cause that all people believe in.

The audience accept the values that V has and the way he uses his power to bring change in the totalitarian country of Britain so that people can have a say in the future. One of the main themes that was reflected in the film was vengeance. “People should not be afraid of their government; the government should be afraid of their people. ” –V. In V for Vendetta, there is betrayal, treason, and a passion for what is right. V is taking on his own violent vendetta. In an unusual way, V tells his story to Evey. “The only verdict is vengeance..

Violence can be used for good. He wants to change the way people see their government, and put a stop to all the wrongs. In a way he ends up doing this b V for Vendetta is a dangerous film, not because it’s going to incite people to try and blow up the White House or even convince people that terrorism is a good thing, but because it is the type of movie that attempts (almost successfully) to make an allegory out of misconceptions and misinformation. On the other hand, V took the fear that still existed in peoples’ minds, but helped them to realize they shouldn’t be afraid.

In his plot to regain control on November Fifth he did made what could be his most important move. He gave a nationally broadcasted speech to the citizens of his country, exposing and reminding the citizens of England what their government was doing to them. He helped them to recover the fact that this new life, this life that they had become accustomed to, had considered normal, was not in fact a country in which “England would prevail,” but rather a country which needed a face, and an idea. V slowly created a…

During the movie, V went from victim to vigilantly, and it is easy to empathize with his chain of reactions through out the movie. V who lived in a totalitarian society where gays, lesbians, freedom of speech and expression of art was not tolerated by the Norse Fire regime was your average civilian that was black bagged off the streets of London and brought into captivity and held at Lark Hill. These individual were seen as social deviant by the government and held in disregard. During his time of captivity V was torture use in a bio terrorist experiments in which he was injected with an unknown virus.

V” most certainly is good; he is trying to revive these dormant attitudes and feelings of society. He is an inspirer, he is a leader, he is freedom, and he is goodness in one. The film V for Vendetta is a story about shadowy freedom fighter known only as “V” who along with his companion Evey Hammond, completes V’s vendetta of blowing up parliament and removing the governments’ control. In the film an idea that was worth learning about was that ideas are very powerful and live beyond the death of individuals. This is shown throughout the film by the use of costume, dialogue and symbolism.

Costume is illustrated in V for vendetta by the mask V wears. This allows the community to see him not as an individual but as a metaphorical creature portraying the idea of hope. This is explained at the very start of the movie with this voiceover in the background. “We are told to remember the idea not the man, because a man can fail, he can be caught, and he can be killed and forgotten but years later an idea can still change the world. ” The idea in this quote represents the hope that the people of London seek for freedom, to be free from the government and to live a normal life.

This teaches us that no single man would be able to take down the government as represented by “because that man can fail. ” However in the case of V, he did not want to be known as a man, but to associated to the hope and courage he gave to the people of London. He essentially lives as a messenger, a symbol of hope for the people of London. Apart from Evey, nobody knew him personally but everyone knew what he symbolized and what his motives were and why he was trying to take down the government. Even though V died just before the end of the movie, his idea will live on through the generations forever.

Dialogue is important in the film as it is the only way V is able to communicate as we can not see any of his facial expressions. His wide range of vocabulary and convincing speeches that were broadcasted nation wide win the hearts of the people of London, making them re-think their current situation and how different life would be without the government dictating… The feature film V for Vendetta challenges values and attitudes of the mainstream population of the western world. The key concept behind the feature film is the act of terrorism; the justification of whether proactive violence.

V is a terrorist. He blows up populated buildings, undoubtedly killing dozens if not hundreds of civilians. He refuses to accept anyone else’s point of view; he fanatically believes his view is the only way to see things. He murders, not just cold-bloodedly, but also deliberately torturing people to insanity in the case for Evy. The act of terrorism would not only challenge our sociocultural values but also might bring back the miserable and fuming memories of the 9. 11 for many Americans. After the 9. 11 terrorism in America, our beliefs towards terrorism have changed drastically.

Not because the story was broadcasted across the world nor the fact that many innocent civilians were murdered, but mainly because of the speeches the U. S President G. W Bush made after the attack. In his speech, he quotes “thousands of lives were suddenly ended by evil, despicable acts of terror” and the frequent use of words “evil act” reinforces how he views the act to be. The fact that he was one of the powerful men in the society, our values towards terrorism was shaped to be evil and immoral. V for vendetta being filmed in 2006, London where there were also a terrorist attack in 2005.

The further reinforcement of the terrorist attack in 2005 structured our values towards terrorism to be an evil and unforgiving act where many innocent people were killed. V in the film is portrayed as a protagonist just because all the other characters act to benefit themselves, whereas V has clear idea and acts by how he believe it is best for the society. In the feature film, V is driven by the desire for revenge as much as political idealism. He was mutilated in a fire at a detention center, which specialized in horrifying medical experiments, some time before.

He has… V for Vendetta” is a provocative film addressing many of the issues of the political climate we now find ourselves living in. The movie portrays a masked freedom fighter who challenges what has become a totalitarian government. “V” finds a friend and ally in a young woman named Evey. “V” successfully motivates the citizens to fight against the oppression of the state. The film provides a stark and glaring reminder of how our own rights and freedoms can be stripped from us under the guise of “protection”, “righteousness”, and “patriotism”.

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