Validity of Wikipedia

2 February 2017

There is a great deal of information available on the internet. Search engines like Google and Yahoo make the world seem smaller and provide information in the masses at the click of a button.

When it comes to higher learning, the creditability of a site is essential to the student when he is gathering information for a report or research paper. All higher learning institutions provide specific course readings, academic journals online and onsite libraries and many other tools as a means of gathering information. These tools give the student accurate and concise information he needs to construct valid research.One of the most important processes in the equation is making sure the information provided is properly sited in the report or research paper. Although not considered to be a credible source for gathering information, Wikipedia is used by everyone in the academic community for obtaining information. The site was established in early 2001 and its purpose is an open source concept using information entered by registered users. The website provides information or description on anyone from the president of the United States to information about a Boeing 747.

Validity of Wikipedia Essay Example

Higher learning institutions do not consider Wikipedia as a credible or valid source for gathering information. A group of students entering the MBA program and the University Of Phoenix was tasked to debate whether Wikipedia is a creditable and valid source of information. There were only three members in the group so the approach had to be adjusted to make sure that both sides of the argument were addressed fairly by allowing each member a chance to present his or her argument for or against the creditability of the website. Ground rules were established and followed.The team made sure an inductive and deductive approached was taken when discussing the credibility and validity of Wikipedia. Each member agreed that Wikipedia is an excellent source for a quick reference. The information found will allow students to create a strong outline and form thoughts at the beginning of the research process.

The group discussed how Wikipedia has evolved sense 2001 and sources are noted at the bottom of the page for the individuals to follow up and check the accuracy of the information found on the website.Each member looked up a different topic and began to analyze the information provided on the website. Each subject had creditable sources at the bottom of the page. The team began to research the sources noted at the bottom of the page on all three topics. The information found on Wikipedia was valid and creditable. However, the other sources provided more detailed information. Again the team agreed its first analysis was correct.

The site is a starting point when conducting research. Valid is defined as correctly inferred or deduced from a premise” (“Valid,” 2012). According to Webster Dictionary (2012), credibility is identified as the objective and subjective components of the believability of a source or message. The importance of conducting proper research by using valid and credible books and articles are essential for a student especially on the college level. The members of the group agreed that Wikipedia is a hybrid encyclopedia and is a wonderful tool for finding general information about a subject to form a foundation.The group also agreed Books, article and other valid sources will provide a more detailed and concise path of information that is a good source for a peer review. According to “Wikipedia Credible Resource or Not” (2005), the founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Whales was interviewed in Business Week 2005 on the creditably of the site.

A question was asked to Mr. Whales during that interview, “Do you think students and researchers should cite Wikipedia? He replied, “No, I don’t think people should cite it, and I don’t think people should cite Britannica, either…People shouldn’t be citing encyclopedias in the first place. Wikipedia and other encyclopedias should..

. give good, solid background information to inform your studies for a deeper level (para. 2). ” One of the benefits of research is to be informed about a particular subject or action. The quality of research will be prevalent in the body of a report or research paper if the information is clear, concise and accurate. It is clear that Wikipedia gives a snap shot of the big picture. It is also clear that the problem with Wikipedia is the lack of valid and creditable ources to back up the information given on the site.

Although the team agreed that Wikipedia can be a useful source for a student to use at the beginning of a project; the group agrees and understand why higher learning institutions do not recognize the site as a valid and creditable source for information. In conclusion, three students entering the MBA program at the University Of Phoenix was tasked to debate the validity and credibility of Wikipedia. The team formulated its ground rules. Part of those ground rules were making sure the inductive and deductive approach was taken during the debate.Information online is in the masses and is growing rapidly. However, there are sites like Wikipedia that is not accepted by higher learning institutions because the source provided cannot be verified in most cases. The group after in depth discussion agreed that Wikipedia is a good source for initial information.

The founder of Wikipedia agreed with the higher learning institutions. He feels Wikipedia and any encyclopedia is a snap shot of the information. Colleges and Universities provide valid and creditable source for students to use when conducting research for reports or research papers.

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