Valley Forge

6 June 2017

The question for many of us men is “Should I quit? ” I have thought long and hard about this but I am deciding to reenlist for three main reasons: the sickness of the men, loyality to my country, and belief in our cause. Grabber Background Restatement of question Definition of key terms (if necessary) Thesis Roadmap First body paragraph: It is February 1, 1778, and about one-half of Washington’s army are too sick to report for roll call. (Doc A) During the winter, between 1800 and 2500 will die from illness. (Doc A) I admit these numbers make me scared sometimes.

I want to live like any man. My parents need me to plant the spring wheat. But all this sickness and death makes me realize that I can’t quit now. I dont want my dead friends to have died for nothing. I am not Just fighting for myself. I am fighting for my fallen comrads. Baby Evidence with citations Argument Second body paragraph: A second reason I am reenlisting is loyalty to my government. Several weeks ago a fine group of fellows called the Committee of Congress arrived at Valley Forge. I remember our first visit together, us in rags, and they in their fine clothes. Doc B) We idn’t know quite what to make of them but they have stayed on through much of the winter, helping the General with his heavy responsibility. The Committee makes me feel that my government cares, that someone is listening. My government supports me. I will stay on and support my government. Baby Thesis Third body paragraph: “What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly. ” (Doc D) In other words, you’ve got to be willing to pay the price if you want something important. So what does this mean? It means when the going gets tough, you’ve Just got to take a big breath and ou’ve got to do the Job.

You dont cut and run. You reenlist. Freedom is worth the price! Baby Thesis Conclusion: I do understand why some of my fellow soldiers are going home. Our huts are all smoky, we go days without meat, our clothes are torn up. (Docs B and C) We even hear stories about local farmers, Americans, who are selling their food to the British in Philadelphia. I simply feel that our cause is bigger than all this. There’s still a Job to do. I will go do it. Restatement of thesis “Although” statement Main argument which trumps “although” statement Why the question is important today

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