11 November 2016

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you analyze the individual values and the organization’s values as reflected by the organization’s plans and actions. Include the following in your paper: ? Analyze the origin(s) and subsequent evolution of your personal and workplace values. ? Explain how your individual values drive your actions and behaviors, and analyze the alignment between your values and actions and behaviors. ? Analyze the degree of alignment between the organization’s stated values and the organization’s actual plans and actions.

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Explain the differences and analyze the degree of alignment between your values and the organization’s values as reflected by the organization’s plans and actions. Our values: * Customer focus: We go above and beyond to give our customers the best possible retail experience. * Respect: We acknowledge the individuality of our Associates and value their contributions. * Teamwork: We work together in the best interest of CarMax and our customers. * Communication: We share information, exchange ideas, and solicit feedback. * Diversity: We embrace the unique attributes of our Associates and work to ensure everyone feels valued and respected.

Associate development: We give everyone the opportunity to succeed and grow through training, coaching, and mentoring. * Fun: We have fun making car buying fun for customers. * Quality: We are quality people, building and selling quality products. * Pride: We are proud of what we do and who we are. * Continuous improvement: We will never stop improving our systems, our processes, and our policies. Through our values, we strive to create a company and workplace that is respected and emulated throughout the business world.

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