Van Der Leuw House In LA

4 April 2015
Design, construction (1933), materials, destruction & rebuilding (1963), interior & exterior, location of house built by Richard & Dion Neutra.

The VDL Research House, located at 2300 E. Silver Lake in Los Angeles, was built twice. The first version was designed by Richard Neutra and completed in 1933 as a home for his family. After a fire destroyed all of the main building in 1963, Neutra and his son, architect Dion Neutra, rebuilt the house in a somewhat altered form. The current version of the house continued many basic design elements from the first, but was larger and expanded on many of the ideas inherent in the first design.

The house was first designed by Neutra when a Dutch industrialist, C. H. Van Der Leeuw (hence, VDL) visited Los Angeles especially to see Neutra’s work (Sack 40). According to Neutra, Van Der Leeuw was shocked, after a tour of some of Neutra’s projects, to find that Neutra did not have a home of his..

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