Van Halen by Van Halen

9 September 2019

Van Halen’s debut album “Van Halen” came out in 1978 with a loud bang. Sky rocketing to nineteen on the US Billboard Albums Chart, David Roth (Lead Vocalist) and Eddie Van Halen (Guitar) were setting a tone for the band. With eleven songs on the album, it starts of with a wild and fun song,”Runnin’ with the devil” . This song sets the Rock and Roll mood right off the bat with Alex Van Halens smooth drumming and percussions. The Album doesn’t always consist of creating mischief, it also expresses heartbreak, ice cream, making love, and just having fun. Perfect for an Adolescent teen in the late 70’s.

Eddie really “made a name for himself” after his hit guitar solo, “Eruption”. This made audiences everywhere oooh and ahhhh after seeing his fingers strum unbelievably fast. They didn’t stop there though. “You really got me now” stayed playing on repeat in everyones mind for days on end. A mellow mood in the song makes it hard to stop listening to. Also, David shows his sensitive side when he sings,” Little Dreamer” . This whole album is hard to stop putting on repeat. With the erupting guitar, smooth vocals, and good feeling to the music you can’t walk away without a good feeling in your stomach. Van halen soon became one of the biggest and most exciting bands to listen to and watch.

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