Vancl–to Be Different

1 January 2017

VANCL was founded in Year 2007 by Nian Chen, who is also the founder of joyo. com (joyo.

com was a B2C website and was later brought by Amazon with 75 million so as to expand Amazon’s China Internet market). During 5 years’ growth, VANCL, started only with its men’s shirt business, has now become the NO. 1 online own label fashion retailer in terms of reputation, scale and sales generated. It now process 6 major product lines including men’s wear, women’s wear, children’s wear, shoes, accessory, and household staffs, plus, VANCL also has developed two sub-brands which are V+ and Miook.VANCL has always been dedicated in providing high-fashion experience with affordable price for young generation, and is well-known for its incredibly considerable customer service. It sales has amazingly increased from 38 million in 2007 to 2 billion in 2010,and has been rewarded as the “Business Future Star” for its 1475% growth in revenue from 2007 to 2009 by China Entrepreneur Magazine. Till last year, VANCL had generated over 8 billion in revenue.

Vancl–to Be Different Essay Example

* Background of Case Study The sales of VANCL indeed have shocked the whole Internet sales market and its CEO Mr. Chen as well.But the problem is, people then regarded VANCL more as a cheap clothes website than an actual brand. And for an original Internet company, the most important thing is the number of your customers you have in your database, the more you have, the more powerful you are in this competing market. If we may summarized the past 4 years VANCL has experienced from 2007 to 2009, the conclusion will be that this is four productive revenue-generated years by advertisements and expanding product lines, however, there is no clear identification on what is VANCL and what it stands for.

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