Vanessa Williams

4 April 2015
Examines singer’s videos as commentary on critics of her earlier career as scandalized first black Miss America.

Vanessa Williams is a black singer, actress, and model who in 1983 was forced to resign from her position as Miss America the first black Miss America. Her resignation came after Penthouse magazine printed a series of photographs taken of Williams some years before, photos seen as pornographic by pageant officials, who in any case seek to avoid scandal at all costs. In the year since that event, Williams has achieved much as an actress and singer, not becoming a major star, but working steadily and reaching the top of the pop music charts. Recently she released a video called The Comfort Zone Collection, and one of the videos on this tape is a visualization of the single that Williams recorded that reached the number one position, Save the Best for Last. An examination of this video shows that the images used may be intended to refer to the scandal and to poke…

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