Vegetarian Persuasive Essay

7 July 2016

Has this ever happened to you? I bet if you are a vegetarian that has happened to you, at least once. Finding a restaurant that has a menu that fits my diet is like finding a four-leafed clover in a large field, they’re rare but they are out there. Most fast food restaurants don’t have healthy vegetarian meals. Fast food places should know that 20% of Americans are vegetarians. Vegetarian choices are healthier but the popular fast food restaurants (McDonalds, Burger King, etc. ) which are everywhere turn their heads to this powerful statistic, leaving nowhere for vegetarians to turn.

There should be more vegetarian choices in the more common restaurants. Those popular places are everywhere. But where does that leave healthy vegetarian restaurants? Nowhere– well maybe in the far corner where nobody sees. Plus, the most popular fast food restaurant, McDonalds, has mainly meat products and hardly any foods made with lettuce. The very few restaurants that do have vegetarian choices are not as popular and are located in the places that no one sees, and if no one sees them, then nobody will go there.

Vegetarian Persuasive Essay Essay Example

And we all know what happens to places when they don’t get enough money to pay the employees? The restaurant goes out of business. So guess what replaces that past vegetarian restaurant? A restaurant with only meat meals. And the cycle continues. If restaurants have more vegetarian meals they would be providing more healthy meals. If the restaurant is popular then people will try the new, healthy meals which are better than getting a fatty burger. Meat products are normally grilled or fried.

When you grill or fry a piece of meat it gets greasy and raises the sodium, and calories. So if people choose a salad instead of a piece of fried chicken you would save extra fat, calories, sodium, and other unhealthy nutrients. Although it would be better for fast food restaurants to have more vegetarian meals, there are also a few reasons that they don’t have these healthier choices. The main reason is that if people don’t eat the vegetarian meals, the vegetables will rot. This can be costly and nobody wants a rotten salad.

Although there are reasons to not have vegetarian meals, I believe that the health benefits far outweigh any other reason to substitute its counterpart. One last reason that people should get more vegetarian meals is because real people are vegetarians. I know it’s crazy, but 22. 8 million people, just in America, are vegetarian. That means 22. 8 million people struggle to find a fast food restaurant that conforms around their diet. Some vegetarians are vegetarian because it is a part of a religion or because their stomach can’t handle greasy foods and they get sick– they don’t always choose to be a vegetarian.

In conclusion, I believe that fast food restaurants should have more vegetarian options. Even though it is costly for fresh vegetables, there is a greater reason to have more vegetarian meals–your health. I hope in the near future this is how the conversation at a drive through would be like, “Hello, would you like to try our new leafy green salad today? ” “Sure,” And then vegetarians would be able to have fast food with the rest of their family.

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