Venni Vetti Vecci – Ja Rule

9 September 2019

ThisCD is a hip-hop classic. Ja Rule is my favorite rapper, and he’s going to bearound for a long time. He has something to offer everyone, and that’s what makeshim great.

“Venni Vetti Vecci” begins with an interludeexplaining all the pain he’s been through. This is a great way to start a CDsince it captures your attention. He is an explosive artist and will do anythingto entertain you.

Ja Rule has the ability to change his style at anymoment and make it sound good. He starts “Suicide Freestyle” (featuringCase) one way, then switches to rapping fast and hard core to the beat, whichcompletes the song.

This CD does have a parental advisory for explicitlyrics, but even the cursing has meaning.

The most influential song is”Only Begotten Son,” in which Ja Rule talks about his father and how heleft him on his own. The beauty of the song is hearing him rap about how heblossomed into a successful individual, which shows that there is hope for peoplewho aren’t raised in the best environment.

Ja Rule’s flow is addictive – once you start listening, you won’t turn it off. If you don’t have this CDalready, you should definitely pick it up. You won’t be sorry!

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