Verbal Abuse

8 August 2016

On the ground sobbing, and scared as hell. Hope is a lost word on you because the only surfacing thought is where did you go wrong? When did the one you love change into a monster you fear? Over 35% of women nationwide ask themselves these questions daily and research has shown that being a woman is the single biggest risk factor when in an abusive relationship.

Of that 35%, 29% are also physically abused; however, most women agree that verbal/ mental abuse is more damaging and the hardest to heal from. Verbal abuse doesn’t leave ugly bruises and shying glances. Verbal abuse disables the victim from thinking for themselves: they are scared to believe that they are anything more than the dirt on the ground. Verbal abuse is a different kind of pain, because it destroys you from the inside out. There are 7 signs of a verbally abusive relationship.

Verbal Abuse Essay Example

Often verbally abusive relationships begin with the victim’s loved one beginning to tell them that they are worthless, stupid, or unworthy of value and the victim believing them. The abuser tells the victim that the cause of the fighting and arguing is their fault; that they provoked the behavior and shift the blame onto the victim. Emotional abusers begin to tell her that she would not be wanted by another and that she can’t make it on her own. He will make racist or sexist comments to her an

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