Vernon McGee Views On Bible Essay Research

9 September 2017

Vernon McGee Views On Bible Essay, Research Paper

J. Vernon McGee has an interesting manner of looking at the Bible. He seems to take

a point of view on Galations that is really bracing. I have ne’er heard a scriptural

scalar usage the word cool before. I merely truly enjoyed reading his commentary.

He divides the book into five parts, the first being the debut. He talks

about how in the first five poetries Paul tells that he is an apostle by God non

by adult male. In verse two he describes that Paul is composing to the churches of

Galatia and non the church organic structure that is composed of all that are saved. In poetry

four he gives a really inspiring position of how Jesus gave himself. Equally good as

speaking about how God will present us from present immorality. From verse five he

negotiations about how fantastic God is and how we need to praise his name.

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McGee so

goes on to speak about Paul? s topic in Galations. Paul is composing this missive

to warn about Judaizers. After Paul had gone threw an country these Judaizers would

come right behind him and add to what Paul said. They would state them that they

had to obey the Mosaic Law every bit good as have faith. The chief thought for poetries

1:6-10 holds the same chief thought. God has provided us with the 1 and merely true

Gospel and this is what Paul was prophesying. If anyone should of all time come up to and

Tell you that your belief is right up to a point we should state them to go forth us

entirely. In the following portion he talks about Paul? s experiences in Arabia. In poetries

eleven and twelve Paul states one once more about how the Gospel he preaches came

from no adult male but from God. In poetries 18-24 we read about Paul traveling to run into with

the other apostles and their reaction to him. The church every bit good as the apostles

in Jerusalem was somewhat loath to accept Paul when he foremost arrived. In

fact McGee says? without the aid of Barnabas, Paul would likely hold waited

for a long clip before the church in Jerusalem would hold received him? . Paul

ne’er did run into up with all the apostles. He merely met two the brothers of Jesus,

James and Peter. Now we come to chapter two of Galations. This is the point were

things truly get down to acquire interesting. This is when Paul comes back to

Jerusalem with Titus. It was a really powerful message that Paul stated by

conveying one who was uncircumcised to the church of Jerusalem. The existent meat of

poetries 2:1-10 is when Paul meets Wisconsin

th the apostles. In this meeting they both

presented their version of the Gospel and came to happen out that they had nil

to add to Paul? s version. They had come to the understanding that both Gospels

were true and accurate. Now we move to Paul? s experiences in Antioch with

Peter. It was good know that Jews did non experience that they should eat meat. Well

at the church in Antioch there was a mixture of both Jews and Gentiles. They

besides had a great repast called a love banquet in this church. Well this lead to some

jobs holding Hebrews that didn? t eat meat and Gentiles that did. The solution

was to hold two separate tabular arraies, one with meat and one without. When Paul came

he saw no job in eating meat so he went to sit at the heathens tabular array. When

Simon Peter arrived he saw Paul sitting at the tabular array and sat at the Jews tabular array

anyhow. Subsequently after the repast Peter ask Paul about eating meat and Paul explained

to Peter that eating meat can non divide you from God if you are saved by

grace. Peter so ate meat the following forenoon and enjoyed it. That flushing when

friends from the church in Jerusalem came Peter went from the Gentile tabular array back

to the kosher tabular array. ? By his actions he was stating that the heathen tabular array was

incorrect and the kosher tabular array was right. Now we come to chapter three in Galatians

were Paul now goes back to the experiences of the Galatians. McGee says that he

believes in experience. He says that you have to be really careful when covering

with experience. ? What experience dosage is corroborate the Gospel? . There are

many people today that ground from experience to truth. McGee believes that the

Word of God grounds from truth to see. If we try to do biblical truth

out of our experiences we can make nil but distort the Word of God. Paul ask

the Galatians six inquiries about there experience. These inquiries were asked

for one simple intent and that is to do certain that the Galatians knew good and

good of their redemption and that they should non endorse measure one time they had been

saved. Now we come to what McGee calls the high H2O grade, the illustration of

Abraham. Paul uses Abraham because he is merely a great illustration of justification

by religion. Paul uses Abraham as an illustration in both Roman and Galatians. It can

non be said that Abraham was justified by the jurisprudence because the Mosaic Law

didn? t appear till another 400 old ages subsequently.

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