"Vessel" by Twenty One Pilots

9 September 2019

“Vessel” is similar in sound and message to the group’s eponymous debut. Yet it expands and improves upon its predecessor, producing concise and meaningful tracks like “Car Radio” and “Guns for Hands.” These songs describe the process of recognizing, coping with, and accepting one’s mind despite its flaws and quirks. This premise is an important part of the band’s message and is expressed clearly and honestly throughout the album, especially in these two songs which, to this day, remain beloved by fans.

Though the songs ontheir debut, “Twenty One Pilots,” expresses ideas in this vein, it does so somewhat erratically; “Vessel” clarifies these themes in a way that simplifies yet enhances the listening experience.

Lead singer and pianist Tyler Joseph further diversifies the band’s accompaniment by playing his infamous ukulele. Songs such as “House of Gold” and “Oh Ms. Believer” feature the now iconic ukulele. The instrument adds a much-needed softness and wholesomeness to Twenty One Pilots’ songs, missing in their premiere.

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With “Vessel,” Twenty One Pilots molds the experiments of its first album into the cohesive, artistic, provocative product without any loss of authenticity. With the two albums, the band’s message and sound develop profoundly in a way that establishes Twenty One Pilots as its own unique artistic entity.

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