Victoria Secret

9 September 2016

Victoria’s Secret is the leading specialty retailer of lingerie operating more than 1,000 stores across the U. S. Victoria’s Secret has helped, perhaps more than any other brand, attract attention to the lingerie industry. Their advertising campaigns, including the Victoria’s Secret Catalog and Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show are visually appealing and controversial. The attention received by Victoria’s Secret for their aggressive advertising campaigns has generated priceless word-of-mouth and media bytes to further enhance the Victoria’s Secret brand. Victoria’s Secret sales in 2003 were a reported $2,822 million across 1,009 stores.

Selling square feet were 4,735,000, equivalent to an average sales per square foot of approximately $600, up almost 3% from prior year. Overall, same store sales were up almost 4% from prior year. A Brief History of Victoria’s Secret Victoria’s Secret was established in San Francisco during the early 1970’s by Roy Raymond. The concept was to establish a cozy, inviting atmosphere similar to that of a Victorian boudoirs. Roy’s Victoria’s Secret, consisting of three stores and a catalog business, was acquired by Limited Brands, among some controversy, in 1982. Many incorrectly believe that Victoria’s Secret was of British heritage.

Victoria Secret Essay Example

An image which some say was perpetuated by its parent company. Today, Victoria’s Secret lingerie is the top performer for the conglomerate. Victoria’s Secret, under Limited Brands, has a history of being sexy, youthful and romantic. Men and women have come to recognize Victoria’s Secret as the place to buy a lingerie or perfume gift. Together, these three vehicles to market combined with Victoria’s Secret aggressive marketing has made Victoria Secret the best known lingerie brand and brought greater attention to the lingerie industry. Much of Victoria Secret’s success is attributed to Grace Nichols.

Nichols joined Victoria’s Secret in 1986 as vice president, general merchandise manager. In 1988 she was promoted to executive vice president. In 1991, Ms. Nichols was named President and CEO of Victoria’s Secret. Under Nichol’s leadership, Victoria’s Secret has become one of the top 10 recognized brands in the world and the leading specialty retailer of lingerie. Victoria’s Secret’s phenomenal success has brought much revenue growth and controversy. Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows, Victoria Secret Catalogs and Victoria Secret models have become more revealing, more voluptuous and more controversial.

Victoria’s Secret announced last month that it is dropping its nationally televised fashion show this year, at least partly because of criticism following Janet Jackson’s breast-baring faux pas at the Super Bowl. The televised fashion show has generated criticism in the past from groups complaining about supermodels strutting down the runway in skimpy underwear. Recent confusion surrounds the inclusion of Bob Dylan in Victoria’s Secret ads. Positioning Currently, Victoria Secrets is the no. 1 Lingerie brand around the globe. They leading, Luxury lingerie manufactures in USA.

The brand is so strong that the sale is not compromised despite the premium price. In order to keep maintaining the position, they have to keep maintain the quality and services of the product. Objectives To strengthen and maintaining the popularity of the brand positioning in the people’s mind, especially in Malaysia. Target Audience Gender Average purchase amount Age Psychographic Profile Consumer Perceptions In USA, Victoria Secrets brand has a positive perception with American Consumer. Media also play an important role in building the sexy and luxurious image of Victoria Secrets.

However, some people are pissed of by the quality of the product, they said that the quality of the product is not worth the price. Desired Post-Campaign Reactions Malaysia people will have a better understanding about what Victoria Secrets is. And how this particular brand would lift their confidence and self-esteem. This would result in increases sales rating and brand positioning in Malaysia. We’re looking forward on the costumer’s positive ratings and comments about the brand, because words-ofmouth is one strongest point in how Marketing Strategy works.

Single Minded Proposition Luxurious lives inside out. Unique Selling Point It’s bright and playful, sexy and attractive brand. Moreover, they also produce colorful and good-looking lingerie so people not embarrass them self when they accidently show out their underwear. : : : : 80% are woman $110 23 – 40 years old Shopaholic, Upscale, Fashionista. Supports Seamless and infinity lingerie with Infinite Edge™ technology. IPEX technology to give maximum coverage with minimum weights. Push-up bra and Panties with numerous design variations.

Desired Brand Personality or Tone of Voice Sexy, Playful, and Attractive feeling when the consumer wear the product has been always being the key of successful campaign of Victoria Secrets brand. Mandatories • • • • • Victoria Secrets new Tagline Victoria Secrets Logo and Slogan Roadshow maps and Schedules Same typeface of Victoria Secrets Term and Conditions of a new deal. Other Consideration, Issues, and Insights. Considering Malaysia is a Muslim country where their culture are mixed with other culture. There a strict ethnic code that to be considered in presenting visuals of nudity in the public places.

Images that contain over-sexualized are considered highly inappropriate and could result in banning which could harm the brand integrity. So, the new campaign should be design according to Malaysia Cultural guidelines. Budgets Roadshow (Stage, Avenue, Performers, Models, Meals) Roadshow Materials ( Transport, Booths, Uniform, Etc) Advertising ( Print Ads, TVC, Radio, Etc) Total Estimated Timing Concept/First draft provided Concept Finalization Execution : : : April 21,2013 April 28, 2013 May 31 – June 2, 2013 : : : : RM1. 500. 000,00 RM 40. 000,00 RM 600. 000,00 RM2. 140. 000,00

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