Victoria Warren

10 October 2018

Victoria WarrenAmy ReynoldsEnglish 1213 MWF 103026 February 2018PersistenceDo you give up at the first sign of resistance? The road to success is paved with persistence. Reaching and maintaining other important values or virtues in life all begin with persistence.

Although, the meaning of persistence can be something different for everyone we all have the same goal. Persistence builds character, personality traits, and it is the foundation to our success.The Oxford dictionary defines persistence as “continuing, firmly, or obstinately in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition .” My definition of persistence is quite simple; however, the actual process is tedious and repetitive. I would define persistence as a character trait of a person who is relentless. I would further my definition to include, but not limited to those who despite numerous failed attempts, negativity of others, or discouragement of any shape, form, or fashion to reach personal goals to never give up working towards a goal or negative remarks from others. Persistence is something much more difficult to do than an ability.

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Persistence is not failure. Bill Bradley once said “Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” persistence is the constant in people who succeed, we often seem to forget this value, stay focused every day until you get the results. No one wants to fail. We learn from our mistakes and progress along the ‘path of life’. All along the way, they were prepared to be very flexible and experiment to see what techniques and strategies worked best to get where they wanted to go.

No one enjoys the difficulties that life throws our way, but sooner or later it happens. How you decide to overcome these difficulties is what helps determine the level of success. The belief that if you try long enough, hard enough and make adjustments along the way, that sooner or later you will get to your goal. Your optimism is what tells you to keep trying. Persistence is about continuing to do something even when there is good reason to quit. But little do we realize that these ups and downs are challenges thrown at us. To test us.

To strengthen. You develop yourself and learn new lessons, you face challenges and obstacles, but the payoff comes when you refuse to give To toughen us up. never settle. Life will keep giving you things, accept them. But never stop there.

Keep moving forwardWith everything good, there is the bad. Just like every aspect in life, persistence has its bad side as well. Generally, when we think of persistence we think it is a good character quality, however, not everyone uses persistence for good. Stalkers are persistent on their focus of objectivity, when a person will use all forces necessary to reach their goals, or when one person who is well informed that another is not romantically interested, yet they continue to make flirtish gestures to the uninterested person. A few of these instances can lead to legal implications such as restraining orders. The opposite of persistence is stubbornness. Persistence is good while stubbornness is bad.

Occasionally the bad elements of persistence can arise just as the good elements of stubbornness can. It can be influenced by how persistence is used or demonstrated, especially In conclusion, persistence is a quality of a person who never gives up on themselves or their goals and dreams. It is easy to get discouraged when you continually strive to achieve something, and it does not work out. Persistence is something much more difficult to do than an ability. By always trying to better yourself you will always be a better you. Perseverance is not just a show of trying. It also shows the courage of a person.

You simply must stay positive and keep moving.Works CitedOxford Dictionary. 02 2018. Oxford University Press. 21 02 2018. .

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