Victorian Era Outline

1 January 2018

Creates ICC, supposed to regulate commerce, but hard to enforce. First step toward regulating monopolies.

F. Credit Mobile Scandal – Politicians profit nag from railroads. D. Republicans control government; however, they are split between the Stalwart and Half- Breed factions. II. Corruption in the cities was prevalent in Gilded Age society. A.

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A political machine controls who gets elected within a city. It is also known as the boss system or machine politics. A. Boss Tweed – A political boss in New York, where this system was strong. He used the influx of new immigrants to get votes.Government leaders would then have to give these immigrants kick-backs and money from government projects. B.

The boss system had positives. It provided services and infrastructure for cities. However, the system was above the law and could control judges and politicians. C. There was a change in immigration during this time-period. Before 1880, immigrants came from Germany and the British Isles. These immigrants were highly literate and shared similar cultures, therefore assimilation was easy.

After 1880, immigrants came from the Mediterranean and Slavic-areas. These immigrants were illiterate and impoverished.They didn’t have similar cultures and they were strongly disdained in America. Ill. People were getting sick of corruption in the Gilded Age. They began to fight back through various political movements and parties. This fight laid an infrastructure for the Progressive Era.

A. Farmers faced a number of difficulties during this time period. A. Land wasn’t as productive due to natural disaster and overuse. B. Land was easy to tax. C.

Barbed wire, fertilizer, and harvesters were all owned by trusts who pushed prices very high. D. Railroads drove up prices of their transportation. E. Farmers can’t organize. F.Rising prices with a lower cost of goods lead to farmers not being able to pay back their debts.

B. The farmers, who accounted for half the population, organized with the Farmer’s Alliance party. This turned into the People’s Party, better known as the populists. C. The populist party platform: g. Free coinage of silver. H.

Graduated income tax based on wealth. I. Government takeover of utilities. J. Direct election of senators and one-term limit on presidents. Initiatives and Referendums for civilians to control municipal issues. Shorter workday.

(They united with citizens in the cities and factories. . Immigration restriction. (The above were natives. ) n. Solicited black vote. 1.

Black participation only increased anti-voting laws in the South. D. William Jennings Bryan led the Populist Party in the Election of 1892. “You will not crucify America upon a cross of gold,” was part of a speech which helped make him famous. It called for the free coinage of silver. E. Republicans fought the Democrats and the Populist by raising massive amounts of money from the industrialists and bankers who feared free silver.

F. Voting levels increase. G. Civil Service Reform had its roots in this era.

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