Video Game Addiction

7 July 2016

The world of video games have been around for years and are always evolving especially with the modern day technology. With the making of new systems and new games on different video game engines everyone wants the new generation of gaming. Even personal computers are one of the most used systems for gaming. Medical officials have slowly been investigating how big video games are becoming and how individuals playing these games are starting to show signs of serious addiction problems.

The modern day video games can become very addicting that it can cause individuals to neglect their families, their health, and lose their jobs. In 2011 on a divorce online survey showed that 15 percent of the divorces were due to their spouses’ addiction to video games (Whatcott, 2011). The cause of divorce is the spouse whether it be male or female are not getting the attention they want from that individual. Instead the individual would rather play a virtual reality for hours until it is time to go to bed, then wake up and do it again.

Video Game Addiction Essay Example

Video games have become more personal than they used to be back in the old Nintendo days. They have managed to make games more competitive which is a huge cause of video game addiction. Most research suggests that massively multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft and Call of Duty tend to be the two most addicting games (Conrad, 2012). The reason these two games have caused so much chaos is because of how competitive they have made it as well as the feeling of accomplishment that an individual could not get in reality.

Spouses blame the makers of these two video games for wrecking their lives as well as the life of their loved ones. When individuals decide to start a game they set their mind for victory and have no idea what the outcome of their decision will bring upon them. Individuals get so caught up in trying to beat a game that is unbeatable such as World of Warcraft. Due to the mind set of these individuals they neglect their own health and burn hours of their lives away. These individuals

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