4 April 2015
This paper details how videoconferencing works in fields as diverse as business, medicine and education.

This paper analyzes how videoconferencing has revolutionized the telecommunications industry. It details the technology and lists the many different places that it can be applied. It looks at how videoconferencing is used in the business world and how it has changed the face of business and communication. The paper also looks at how it has become a factor in home-based businesses in a positive manner. According to this author, it has opened up the world to anyone because this technology allows people worldwide to communicate and share ideas with one another.
“The videoconference connections may be limited to a closed network such as LAN (Local Area Network) or may use public networks such as regular telephone lines. Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) has considerably reduced the expense of videoconferencing making it economical as well as high quality. ISDN works over regular copper telephone lines, transmits at a minimum of 128 KBPS per line, and provides dedicated bandwidth for smooth audio and video. In contrast, a regular Internet connection may cause audio clipping delays resulting in jerky video on slow networks.”

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