4 April 2015
This paper discusses videoconferencing, a meeting composed of individuals who are in different places communicating via audio and video links.

This paper demonstrates how videoconferencing works including the components, proper protocol and bandwidth. The author explores the uses, advantages and disadvantages of videoconferencing in business especially to eliminate the need for unnecessary business travel. The author also explores the educational uses of videoconferencing especially in rural and foreign communities. Included in the paper is a break-even table for converting meetings to videoconferencing.

Table of Contents
Video Conferencing
Uses of Videoconferencing
Business Uses of Videoconferencing
Advantages of Videoconferencing in the Business Environment
Disadvantages of Videoconferencing in the Business Environment
Educational Uses of Video Conferencing
Challenges that Educators Face when Using Videoconferencing
Recent Problems Associated with Videoconferencing
“In the academic environment videoconferencing is often used as a distance education technique. Videoconferencing often used to teach individuals in both urban and remote rural locations.

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There are several factors that influence the use of videoconferencing in an academic environment. Factors such as technology used, physical factors such as lighting and sound, as well as teaching strategies. It is widely accepted that presenting a successful module via videoconferencing requires a modified approach to teaching and learning .”

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