Vietnamese Education Problems

9 September 2016

Education Problems In the process of development of country, education is always put on the priority. Nowadays, education in Vietnam meet a lot of problems need to be solved. Including, school fee, infrastructure and curriculum are three main problems make student’s difficulties and make quality of education not good at all. The first problem is school fee, which increases quickly in every year. When the development in every area does not balance, school fee is not a problem for the rich but it becomes a trouble of students, who live in poor provinces.

They do not have enough money to pay, parents must work a lot and save all their earning for their children’s school fee but it is still not enough for a long course. A lot of students must delay or drop out of school because of living condition. If students want to study continuously, they have to work part time. They can’t focus on studying, so their result may be affected. There will be a big waste of Vietnamese education if good students can’t study more.

Government should care more about school fee, about poor students and correct education policy in each region to decrease a number of students drop out of schools. The second problem is infrastructure. Schools don’t have enough infrastructures for teaching and studying. Most of schools lack of laboratory and machine room. Students just learn theory lessons and don’t practice, so when graduate, they work but can’t translate theory into practice. Moreover, schools in the city can have a good infrastructure, but in some area students don’t have any good condition such as school, tables, seats, boards, and books, etc. hey must learn in unsettled rooms, which were built by bamboo and straw grass. If it rain, the room will be wet and leaking. So these schools are not safe for students and teachers. In order to solve this problem, government should invent more capital in education and attach special importance to poor or mountainous region. The last but not small in Vietnamese education is curriculum. Students in Vietnam must study a lot while students in foreign study less, they focus more on soft skills.

Every day, children bring a lot of books to school and learn most of days in week at school. In day, children learn a lot of topics but they can’t understand or remember all of them, so they must learn more at home. And the result, studying holds back children development. They don’t have enough time to relax or play sports, they can’t be really active. Furthermore, students in Vietnam lack of soft skills that are very important. Lacking of soft skill, students can’t work effectively when they graduate.

Government should consider education from all sides to reduce the curriculum for students and help them more development not only knowledge but also soft skills. To have a good education and impulse the development of country, government school care more and solve quickly three difficult problems: school fee, infrastructure, and curriculum. Moreover, students in poor regions and difficult condition must be care more to have a change to develop. Vietnamese education will be better and won’t waste talents if three problems can be solved quickly.

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