Violence In Canadian Society: A Rising Trend?

4 April 2015
An examination of increasing violence in Western society

This paper addresses the wide range of studies which indicate that rates of violent crime have increased significantly within Western society since the 1960s. The author argues that the fluid nature of violence over time are not taken into account in these studies and looks at possible reasons why.
From the paper:

“Open any newspaper, or tune in to any news broadcast today, and you will receive accounts of many incidents of violence. Over time these incidents will take on any number of forms. Any specific incident, which occurs, especially in the case of murder, will almost certainly be disseminated on the news. These incidents will include homicides, violence against women, violence by and against children, labor violence and violence in the workplace, violence perpetrated by police officers, and non-culpable forms of violence such as car accidents, and wars (Ross, 1995). This coverage is conducive in adding to the position held by many in the media that violence in Canada is more widespread than it was fifty years ago. They would argue that “Canada of the early twenty-first century is a more violent place in which to live than Canada in the 1950s.”

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