Violence in New Orleans

4 April 2015
An examination of the city of New Orleans and the violence that penetrates the city.

An examination of the history of cities and their developments with focus on the city of New Orleans. The author describes the city from the point of view of two writers: Louis Armstrong and Buddy Bolde and their two novels “Satchmo” and “Coming Through Slaughter.” These two novels help us understand the lives of these two men as well as the city that was an essential part of their lives and their heritage as well as the city’s violence, an inseparable part of New Orleans.
Some cities you might not even know that you were in them, so little there is there. You could be kidnapped and dropped down in scores of American cities and unless you happened to see a sign announcing your location or had a native handy to ask where you might be you might never know where you had landed, so interchangeable are so many of the towns and cities and especially suburbs in the United States. ”

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