Violent Media

9 September 2016

Most of us would also disagree that violent media is good for our children. How is this topic relevance to society? Violent media is often blamed for several catastrophic events linked to rough media influencing these events. As intense activity keeps exploding over the years, more and more disastrous events keep arising making us ask ourselves is violent media good or bad for our kids? . There are also writers that would approve Ferocious Media to be used as a tool to master your children inner rage.

Writers like Gerard Jones that would approve violent media such as comic books to help children overcome some of their fears. As always there are two sides in one story and ill be using several sources that relate to the topic and ill ‘be giving you examples, evidence, facts about whether violent media is a worthy choice for you children to be using or a poor choice that should be kept away as they grow up.

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One of the sources ill be using is of the writer Gerard Jones, “Violent media is good for kids”, original published in 2013.

Jones argues “children need violent entertainment in order to explore the inescapable feelings that they’ve been taught to deny, and to reintegrate those feelings into a more whole, more complex, more resilient selfhood. ”(Jones 374). Jones believes that every story whether good or bad can have a positive outcome as a development function. Jones writes “pretending to have superhuman power helps children conquer the feelings of powerlessness that inevitably come with being so young and small”(Jones 374). Letting your children watch or read violent entertainment can help them overcome some of their fears and can also help teach dependency.

Violent stories can be harmless if use properly. His purpose is to illustrate the reader to have an open mind and focus more on the positive side of violent media and not just the negative. Violent media can often be misunderstood; there are also aspects of it that can help hundreds of young people. Being a dad myself it’s a fascinating topic to go over in detail. It’s relevant to the world because violent media can often be link to catastrophic events over the last few years. In response to this Jones states “ I’m not going to argue that violent entertainment is harmless.

I think it has helped inspire some people to real-life violence”(Jones 375). This clarifies Jones in not acting in complete denial, he’s completely aware of what violent media can also accomplish, he also discusses that it has helped hundreds of people for every one its damage. Young people are very vulnerable and can be easily influence by others, one way of guiding them it’s the use of storytelling. Storytelling can be highly effective, this includes violent stories, and in helping the young develop their social skills, teaches how to be independent and can help overcome fears.

The second source is be discussing is “Games” written by Steven Johnson published in 2010. Video games can be easily portrayed as a complete waste of time, but there are aspects of video games that can have a positive outcome. Video games are also linked to violent media, making it an argument whether video games help people or make situations worse. I will use this source as a clarification to the topic; I will support my main topic with evidence from this source. Video games can almost always be looked as a completely waste of time, but is that all they do? There are some few good things about video games that can help people in some ways.

Johnson writes, “The best that can be said of them is that they may help promote eye-hand coordination in children. The worst that can be said is that they sanction, and even promote aggression and violent responses to conflict”(Johnson 196). In response to this argument Johnson states video games have bad history among people, they are only observe as tool for destroying our children rather than helping them. Truth is playing video games may not actually be a complete waste of time, it can help people skills in performing tasks and it can also benefit visual intelligence.

Johnson comments “We hear a lot about the content of games: the carnage and drive-by killings and adolescent fantasies. But we rarely hear accurate descriptions about what it actually feels like to spend time in these virtual words”(Johnson 201). Johnson makes a strong argument, spending time in virtual word means putting yourself in the game by exploring what’s around you, exercising your visual memory, and exploring things or places that you never even knew existed. Johnson also compares reading a book, which can tragically isolate people, in oppose to video games, which can be used as a tool to help socialize among other gamers.

Video games are by far a more engaging hands-on tool that can be used to explore your mind, help the young to socialize with their colleagues and assists you exercise your visual memory like no book can’t. The third source ill be using is title “The impact of media violence on children and adolescents” written by Eugene V Beresin, M. D published in 2012. Violent media has been experimental studied and proven to cause children and adolescents to act violently. Violence at its highest point right now targets anything with violence related, what would it be like 100 years from now? How do we stop it? I will use this article as a contradicting viewpoint to violent entertainment. Watching violent television, playing violent video games, even watching music videos that contain violent scenes influence kids and adolescents into doing things that can be portrayed to them as “normal”. With 99% of homes having a least one TV at home its come to the conclusion to experts that watching violent television programs are affecting our children today. Beresin states “ The typical American child will view more than 200,000 acts of violence, including more than 16,000 murders before age 18”(Beresin 1).

This raises a red flag in the matter of how violent media can affect children over the years. Beresin writes “very young children will imitate aggressive acts on TV in their play with peers”(Beresin 1). Young children are unable to distinguish between fact and fantasy, this can cause them in thinking violence is an OK thing. Also, violence can translate to daily life tricking people on justifying violent acts. Violent acts such as the Connecticut school shooting, that raise a red flag once more, adolescents tempted to use violence in hope of their problems getting solved.

Beresin writes “ They may come to see violence as a fact of life and, over time, lose their ability to emphasize with both the victim and the victimizer”(Beresin 1). Violent entertainment can be use as a brainwasher making someone thinking acting violently is completely normal. Its like fashion, everyone wants to wear the latest styles, people follow other people, violence is no different, they want to mock other violently acts but sometimes it goes a little too far. As far as video games Bersesin is concerned about the fact that children get to act out the violence making children tolerable into acting violently among their peers.

Violence media is frame as one of the main cause today involving violently acts with all the violence events exposed in every direction we face. The fourth source ill be discussing is “playing violent video games: good or bad? ” written by Darcia Narvaez, Ph. D, published in 2010. We already discuss how video games are good on some ways now where going to talk about the bad things about video games. I will use this source as a contradicting viewpoint to my main topic, stating some of the bad intentions of violent video gaming.

As always there are two sides to one story, in this case there are good things and bad things about violent video games. Narvaez states, “In violent video game play the player learns to associate violence with pleasure. This undermines moral sensitivity”. Playing violent video games can have a negative effect on your children, we’re designed to feel good when doing something good for someone, playing violent games those the opposite of that, builds up anger towards our peers. It gives people other ways into looking at things; it tricks minds into thinking negative taught and storing them inside our brains forever.

Narvaez writes “The player practices violent behavior hundreds if not thousands of times”. These really puts in consideration the phrase “the more you practice the better you’ll get”. By doing something constantly it becomes an automatic response, it becomes something normal. Not only does violent game influence one but it also teaches someone how to behave like a criminal, how to hurt somebody, how to kill a person, and it does all of this without someone even realizing it. Finally, Narvaez writes “video games can be addictive because they give immediate rewards for learning”.

This can hurt our brain development making people into making not so developed decisions as we get older. Video games damage ours brains making us vulnerable when making tragic decisions. When I was in 2nd grade, everyday afterschool I would play video games in my room for at least three hours and on the weekends I would play 5-6 hours a day. I would play all kinds of video games but the ones that I was most attracted to were shooting games. It became a huge problem not only with my grades but it also isolated me from my classmates. Playing video games has made my ability to concentrate a massive problem.

The only thing I could concentrate on was the clock in the wall just waiting for the end of class so I can go back home and play some more games. It became such a problem that my parents started to notice it and it didn’t take time for them to intervene with my obsession. My gaming console was taking away and instead I was sat down and I was force to do homework. My story shows how video games can affect you if constantly using them without giving yourself a time limit. Not only are they time consuming but it can affect you on the long run.

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