Visual Elements Paper

10 October 2016

This media is from the tenth edition Prebles’ book on page 356. The artist Henri Matisse uses the elements of Art color, line, and space to capture the viewer’s attention. This artwork’s setting is environmental, and the artist uses the element of are color to express that. He uses the warm analogous colors orange and yellow also the secondary cool color green to make up the background for the middle left side of the piece. It looks like it could be a combination of different types of leaf colors.

Each of these colors was in their pure form. Another example of the usage of the element of art color is the use of subtractive color on the women in the middle of the artwork; both of their skin tones are white and it looks as if the sun is shining on them. The next element of art used was line. On the left side of the piece there is a thick, long diagonal line. Another line is the thick, curvy line located on the right side of the artwork. The last element used is space. The artist creates an illusion of space by using diminishing scale.

Visual Elements Paper Essay Example

Matisse did this by making the group of people located in the far back of the piece smaller than the people that are directly in the front of the artwork. Another example of space is the horizon line dividing the sky and the yellow ground. To make his artwork speak to the viewers, the artist Henri Matisse uses the design principles contrast and emphasis. The use of contrast takes place in the center of the piece between the two women. One woman has red-orange hair and the other woman has black hair. Another example is the ground. Most of the ground is yellow but there is a portion of the grass is the dark blue.

The use of emphasis also takes place in this artwork. The emphasis of placement is on the woman located in the center of the piece hair is red-orange; this is the first thing that catches the viewer’s eye. Another example of emphasis subordination in this artwork is of the people furthest away in piece, because they are so far away that part of the artwork would be less noticeable. In conclusion, to create the beautiful master piece “The Joy of Life”, the artist Henri Matisse used the art elements color, line and also space. The artist also demonstrated the use of the design principles contrast and emphasis.

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