Vivid Imagery Short Story

9 September 2016

Of course, the book came from one of the two towering walnut bookcases, glimmering reddish in the irregular rays of sunlight. The room nearly flew to the sky giving the image of an ancient roman cathedral with vaulted ceilings. To the left of the beanbag nook, the king, feather-filled bed protruded like a needle perpendicular to the beige wall. The soft mattress was caringly wrapped in teal and lavender floral sheets. Across the room from the bed, and next to the book shelves, a small but neatly-kept L-desk waited to be used when homework time started.

My overly used laptop and practically ancient printer sat on the desk, quietly keeping each other company. The last of the four large walls in my rectangular room held the door to the rest of the house in one corner. My matching walnut armoire occupied the middle of this wall, silently watching and looming over me like a protective giant. On the wall on top of the armoire, my much-appreciated flat screen TV took its place like a prince taking his thrown to become king. This meant there was still an enormous space in the middle of the room. What would I put there?

Vivid Imagery Short Story Essay Example

A square, orange and fuzzy rug sheathed the naked oak floor. An eclectic couch made of a mosaic sprinkling of quilts sat on top. Yes that would be the finishing touch… Back in reality, I sighed unhappily as I stuffed the last set of jeans into my overflowing cardboard box. Lifting the huge burden in my arms, I started to drag it to the other wing of the house. I would have to use this makeshift room until my grandparents went back to India. So, dreading the finality of it, I opened the door and found myself enclosed in a jail room with hospital walls.

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