Vocab Words

1 January 2018

Vocabulary unit approbation, assuage, coalition, decadence, elicit, expostulate, hackneyed, hiatus, innuendo, Jaded, lurid, meritorious, petulant, prerogative, province al, simulate, transcend, umbrage, unctuous. For each word, find the part of speech and definition.

Next, write one sentence per word. Vocabulary unit 2 ameliorate, aplomb, bombastic, callow, drivel, epitome, exhort, ex officio, infringe, ingratiate, interloper, intrinsic, inveigh, lassitude, millennium, occult, permeate e, precipitate, stringent, surmise.For each word, find the part of speech and deflation. Next, write one sentence for each word. Vocabulary unit 3 abominate, acculturation, adventitious, ascribe, circuitous, commiserate, enjoin, expedite, expiate, ferment, Inadvertent, nominal, noncommittal, peculate, prop levity, sangfroid, seditious, tenuous, vitriolic, wheedle. For each word, please find the part o f speech and definition.

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