Voice and Video over IP (Internet Protocol)

4 April 2015
A discussion on Voice and Video over, a relatively new communication technology that, though still in a development stage, is now sufficiently mature and available for use.

The following paper examines how well ‘Voice and Video over IP’ works and looks at what makes it different from the existing systems. The writer assesses whether it is real competition for other alternate services and examines what its advantages and limitations are. These are some of the key questions that this “technology report” examines and attempts to answer. Various other aspects and issues of this exciting new technology such as the history of its development, applications of the VoIP technology, the challenges facing VoiP and its future prospects are also discussed in this paper.
“Voice and Video over the Internet Protocol is without doubt an important new technology with wide ranging and ever-expanding possibilities. As we have seen in this paper, the VoIP technology has some clear advantages over the competing technologies such as significant cost savings in long-distance (especially international) voice communication, the inherent efficiency of data transfer through packet switching as compared to circuit switching, and the possibilities of integrating data and voice applications. However, it would be premature to predict the complete demise of traditional telephone communication systems such as the PSTN. Due to its characteristic of compatibility with the existing systems, VoIP is likely to live side by side with other telecommunication technologies, at least in the foreseeable future.”

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