9 September 2017

Voice OF DEMOCRACY Essay, Research Paper

VOICE OF DEMOCRACY Essay Research Paper VOICE Essay Example



Americas function for the following century will be to remain economically stable. That will be no job unless

something black will go on like another Stock Market clang or Nuclear Holocaust. America in the hereafter besides

demands to increase peace to every state in the universe. America needs to acquire rid of all poorness and increase instruction.

To remain economically stable, America needs to maintain trade dealingss and maintain wars out of our hereafter. We need

to maintain the national dept. low and maintain all Americans income every bit high as possible. Another manner to be economically

stable is to maintain American concerns on top of the national competition, chiefly in electronics? sing it is the

electronic age now every bit good as the hereafter. If we can maintain the concerns on top of every international competition so we

will maintain our economic system traveling. If the Stock Market clangs so we will hold to fasten the buckle and acquire back on path.

If there is a Nuclear War so we w

badly have to retrieve and travel on with the manner things were.

The following century for America holds many nbew chances for peace. America has ever played a function as

peace shapers and ever looking for what is right. To increase our infinite explorations we need to do a joint effor

with other states to do a ace infinite station and hig tech geographic expeditions. If we do non increase our peace offerings to

placees like Russia and Japan so we will nerver e every bit high tech as we could be.

America has ever been known for its low poorness degrees, but we still have homeless and uneducated citizens

who need aid. In the America of the thirtieth Century we need to assist every citizen to do it in the universe. Wheather it is

to do an instruction cheaper or more places for the hapless. If we can assist every person so it will assist america as a


In decision, I think America needs to play a more peaceable and loving state that can assist every state in

some manner and each single American citizen. If we can acheive this so America will go on on sucessfully.

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