Volume 2 by She & Him

9 September 2019

You have probably seen her in movies such as the Christmas comedy Elf or the summer hit (500) Days of Summer but when Zooey Deschanel is not on the big screen singing Christmas carols in the shower or a rendition of Sugar Town at a karaoke bar she is one half of the indie-folk band She & Him.

So if Zooey is obviously the β€œShe” then who is the β€œHim”?His name is M. Ward, or Matt Ward, a talented and accomplished musician who has performed as both a solo artist as well as with acts such as Bright Eyes, Monsters of Folk, Norah Jones and more.

The two met to record a duet for the movie The Go-Getter in which Zooey was starring and soon found themselves recording more songs together as She & Him; Zooey as the vocalist, pianist and banjo player and Ward as the guitarist and producer.With sweet and simple vocals, upbeat melodies and just the right amount of almost Beach Boys styled background vocals, together they created a unique for the time vintage sound.

On March 18, 2008 their first album, Volume 1, was released.Amazingly, the two spent little time together in the studio due to Zooey living in LA and M. Ward living in Portland, Oregon.Zooey would record and then send the songs to Ward who would then finish them.The album proved to be a hit and they announced that a Volume 2 would be released as well.

Almost two years after the release of their debut album, Volume 2 was released on March 23, 2010.I will tell you now; those two years were worth the wait.Volume 2 is just as upbeat, quirky and enjoyable as Volume 1 but filled with thirteen new tracks to enjoy.

Songs that I find to be highlights are β€œIn the Sun,” the first single, β€œDon’t Look Back,” “Brand New Shoes” and β€œIf You Can’t Sleep.” There honestly is not a song of the album that I do not like, however.

So if you have not given She & Him a listen yet, what are you waiting for?Zooey Deshanel and M. Ward have created some truly unique music with an old fashioned sound and an artistic flare.I suggest that you give their music a chance even if you do not consider their genre to be one of your favorites.The catchy melodies and lyrics are sure to leave you infected and wanting more. Now I am just wondering, when is Volume 3 going to be released?

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