Voluntary and Involuntary Migrating Group

2 February 2017

The two migrating group, voluntary and involuntary, is also known as immigrants and refugees. Even though they both have permanent residentship, their human capitals have huge differences. From the economy, voluntary group can have their money save in the bank as preparing to start a new life in the United Stated. However, involuntary group can’t. Most of them are leaving their country in an emergency situation. They can’t prepare for it. Some of them might have some gold, but the amount is very little. From the social capital, voluntary group can call or look for the relatives in U.S. that can give them some support. They also can study or learn some skills that can benefit them in the American society.

The refugees had no chance to do that. They don’t even have relative that can support them. From the cultural capital, the immigrants have plenty of the time to get ready to enter the United State. They can study English to help them communicate and learn skills that fits in the society. Even though they don’t speak English, they have ethnic economy that can take care and help them assimilate.

Voluntary and Involuntary Migrating Group Essay Example

They don’t need to care about the class status. They probably wouldn’t be discriminate because they share the same culture. However, the refugees’ don’t have the time to study and prepare anything. When they arrived, they need to build their own community. They might need to work and deal with other race. They might be discriminated by other race. From political capital, the immigrants have no benefit from government. Because the government is expecting them to be support and taken care by their community and relatives.

According to the 1965 act, most of them are perfect immigrants for America. Even though they didn’t grant these benefits when come to U. S. , they still can apply for it, if they are qualified. The refugees were given those benefits by the time they are entering U. S. but that all they have. They have no relatives, no money, no preparation, but only discrimination in the society. They need helps form government. Altogether, the voluntary immigrants are clearly having more advantages than refugees.

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