Wake the Sleeper

8 August 2019

Wake the Sleeper

Most of the local bands in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area are extremely talented. To start off my unsigned band reviews, I figured why not a band that I know, and love!

Wake the Sleeper is an astonishingly amazing band. From their vocals down to they’re drumming, everything about this band is phenomenal. After a long period of silence from this group, they have once more risen, with a few replacements of members, and are back and better then ever before!

If you’ve never heard of this band until now, know that the greatest way to be introduced to any band is to see them perform live, and this is no exception with Wake the Sleeper. Although the recordings on their MySpace are wonderful, nothing beats actually seeing them perform.

If you would like more information on Wake the Sleeper, then please visit www.myspace.com/wakethesleeperpa. This is their MySpace, and also where you’ll find any information you might want, and you will also be able to them.

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