Waking Ashland

7 July 2019

While searching online for new music to check out, my friend found Waking Ashland, a piano-rock band out of Southern California. We instantly fell in love with their music and were ecstatic when we found out they were playing in Boston. Our hopes fell, however, when we discovered the show was at an 18+ club. Our goal of seeing them seemed out of reach. Then, Cara decided we should e-mail the lead singer, Jonathan. She explained how much we loved their music, and our situation. She also asked to interview him for our website. If we couldn’t go to the show, at least we could meet them. He wrote back saying that he would love to do the interview and would see what he could do about getting us into the show. Our hopes rose. After several more e-mails and even phone calls to work out the details, the day finally arrived. Cara and I (along with our friends Krista and Julie) found the club and called Jonathan to let him know we were there. Seconds later, he greeted us, saying “Hey, my friends!” We introduced ourselves and got the interview started. He gave great answers to what he said were great questions, and we all laughed a lot. It was unbelievable what a nice guy he was. Afterward, he broke the news that it was unlikely he would be able to get us in for the show because the club was really strict about the age restriction. To make up for it, he asked if we would like to hear a private acoustic set before they went in for the sound check. We met the other guys in the band and we all talked as they ate dinner. Then they took out their acoustic guitars and played our favorite song, “Counting The Stars.” We stood there trying to cement this memory into our minds forever. The song sounded even better acoustic, especially since it was played just for us. What a great moment! Then it was time for the sound check and Jonathan asked us to come in, figuring that if the club wouldn’t let us in for the show, they might at least let us in for sound check. He joked that if they didn’t, he would just tell them we were his sisters. He brought us over to the merch table because we wanted to buy some shirts and CDs. They made a lot of money between the four of us! While they set up their equipment, we talked to their manager. The whole time, a club employee glared at us. They got through about half a song before we were told to leave. Reluctantly, we took our stuff and headed for the door. The guys called out their good-byes as we waved and thanked them for everything. Waking Ashland made our night a magical one. Not only did we get to meet one of our favorite bands, we interviewed them, heard them play and caught their sound check. I will always remember this night as one of my favorite memories.

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