waking up by one republic

Top 3 One Republic Songs

From Colorado, this group often gets compared to Maroon 5, Coldplay and The Fray. They have also gotten numerous music awards and placement in broadcasts, like “Polo: Ralph Lauren” and “The Tonight Show”. The group that has done all of the above is the multi-genre band, One Republic. Just in the past couple of years, since their first album with Timbaland debuted, Dreaming Out Loud back in 2007, One Republic has become a well-raved band and has set many records like most downloaded song in a day. Then a about a year ago, their second album, Waking Up came out and again it blasted One Republic one step closer to becoming legendary. Therefore, if you are someone who has not yet caught the band’s inspiring words of poetry and instrument playing, then you have to read on to find the most majestic songs they have created as of 2011.

Main Members of
One Republic

Song 3: All We Are
Album: Dreaming Out Loud

If you ever get tired of racy or high-pitched relationship songs, then you must listen to “All We Are”- it is about relationships, but nothing in it would get you into trouble or become deaf from listening to it. It is filled with infections tones and a heartfelt mood, with a beautiful message of not giving’ up on relationships even when times get rough. The lyrics of the song, is just the opposite of what you would think comes out of most artists. One of my favorite verses using uncommon words was when Ryan Tedder (lead vocalist) sings: “every single day that I can breathe, you change my philosophy.” But a critique I have for track, is that near the end of the song, Tedder’s pitch should be a bit higher, but luckily his buddies, Zach Filkins, Eddie Fisher, Brent Kutzle and Drew Brown do their parts so well, it makes up for Tedder’s weak vocals.

Song 2: Good Life
Album: Waking Up

When I got their second album, I fell in love with the sixth track called “Good Life.” This song is what gets me pumped for the day with its upbeat tempo and reminiscent message of loving what you have. Tedder’s words and vocals are filled with richness, and the use of instruments just makes me smile because the playing of the drums is so basic that most people can learn to play it within an hour. It follows the pattern of boom-boom bang and following that is the part with the strings and whistling. The first couple of seconds of the track is genius, even though it is a bit funny, it flows very nicely into the vocals. Overall, it is worth all the four and half minutes that you will be singing along with it because everything ‘bout it is simple and that’s another thing that makes “Good Life” magnificent in all aspects. Tedder’s words pouring out of his heart will make you find yourself within. So what are you waiting for? Go on YouTube and check it out!

Song 1: Secrets
Album: Waking Up

“Secrets” by One Republic will take you out of the galaxy with how clean, unique, inspiring and catchy it sounds. I love that they start out with the playin’ of the classic instrument called the violin because honestly the public view it is that it is lame, but One Republic makes the instrument so beautiful, I cannot help but fall with its cords and beat. The multiple layers of the songs truly make this track the highlight of their albums that have so far been produced. The lyrics of the song are pretty awesome too; one of the catchiest stanzas the band produces is,”Oh, got no reason, got no shame, got no family I can blame. Just don’t let me disappear, Imma tell you everything.” Lines like this, has gotten One Republic to appear in commercials and shows, and so that speaks volumes of how great the band is in just five years since their first album appeared on shelves.

Everything about One Republic is fresh and incredible, when you get the chance to listen to “Secrets,” it just proves why they‘ll be legendary and stayin’ around for a long time!

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