Walker Evans Essay Research Paper Walker Evans

9 September 2017

Walker Evans Essay, Research Paper

Walker Evans was born in 1903 in St. Louis Missouri. He grew up in Toledo, Chicago, and New York City. In 1922 Evans graduated from college after analyzing literature. Six old ages subsequently he decided to go a lensman. In 1930 his first exposure were published.

Walker Evans was an of import subscriber to the development of American docudrama picture taking in the 1930 s. His exposures are good elaborate word pictures of people and artefacts of American life ( Masters 1 ) . His exposure showed the poorness in America during the 1930 s. Evans chiefly photographed environments instead than people. He believed that an creative person s undertaking was to confront head-on the hardest worlds and describe them to the larger universe ( Masters 1 ) . Evans photographs were largely taken looking straight at the topic. He took images harmonizing to what he believed would impact people the most.

This is a exposure of a roadside base near Birmingham, Alabama taken in 1936. The exposure consists of a edifice advertisement fresh fish and fresh veggies for sale. There are two male childs outsid

vitamin E keeping up melons. There are a few more people inside making concern. On the exterior of the shop you can see melons for sale every bit good as other veggies. In this image the point of position is straightforward. The arrangement of the male childs and the manner the veggies are positioned makes this photograph symmetrical. Shape is one strong component in this exposure. The male childs, the melons, and the edifice make up the forms. Texture can be seen in the land every bit good as in the boys apparels. The artists purpose is to demo a difficult working rural household and the concern they operate. I do non believe this image is excessively different than topographic points that could be found to twenty-four hours. The monetary values may be lower and the points different, but it is the same thought.

On April 10, 1975 Walker Evans died in New Haven, Connecticut. Evans was good known during his life-time and after his decease. His images are looked upon as contemplations from the depression. His images were ever taken with a serious temper. Evans images were taken in ways that would most impact the American people. Walker Evans will ever be known as a great documental lensman.

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