Walking Across Egypt Essay Research Paper Kenyatta

10 October 2017

Walking Across Egypt Essay, Research Paper

Kenyatta StackhouseEnglish 206Dr. Christopher Mattie Rigsbee is the chief

character in Clyde Edgerton & # 8217 ; s southern manner novel, Walking Across Egypt. Mattie

is a 78 twelvemonth old widow with two middle-aged kids. Populating entirely in

a little house, she makes certain that everything is taken attention of. Although Begins

to expose some marks of aging, and her household is seeking to convert her to decelerate

down her life style, Mattie & # 8217 ; s character and head puting prohibits her from

going the stereotyped senior. She must do a determination in which way to

bend. “ I & # 8217 ; m excessively old to maintain a Canis familiaris, ” she says to the dogcatcher as he is

go forthing with a brown feist that showed up on her doorsill ( Edgerton 20 ) .

“ Besides, I & # 8217 ; m decelerating down, ” she says to her boy during tiffin

( Edgerton 5 ) . The stereotypes of the aged are act uponing Mattie & # 8217 ; s life. She

is stating herself non to make things because of her age whether or non she is

physically able to make them, merely because people associate age with inability

and dependance upon others.

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Her household and friends are anticipating and promoting

this dependance. Elaine and Robert, Mattie & # 8217 ; s two single kids, along with

other household and friends, are promoting her to be what they expect a

78 twelvemonth old adult female to be. They talk about how she needs to acquire remainder

because she is decelerating down and can & # 8217 ; t maintain traveling every bit steady as she seems to

think. When she decided to seek and assist a immature juvenile, Wesley Benfield,

go a better individual by taking him to church and offering him to remain the

dark with her, Robert thought that Mattie was ill. Pearl Turnage, Mattie & # 8217 ; s

older sister, has given in to the stereotypes that are now blighting Mattie, and

insists that she do the same. In fact, she invites Mattie to attach to her to

the funeral place where they will each pick out a

coffin that they are to be

buried in. Pearl pushes the topic, as if to coerce Mattie into recognizing that

she doesn & # 8217 ; Ts have much clip left to populate. Pearl besides begins speaking to Mattie

about the yesteryear and the merriment that they one time had, as if to state Mattie that those

yearss are over and that it is clip for her to get down a new chapter in her life.

The hereafter that Pearl has planned for herself, nevertheless, is wholly contrary to

the life style that Mattie has chosen to prosecute. Mattie wants more of those good

times to speak about. Mattie has grown up with the same outlooks of aged

people as everyone else, nevertheless, she chooses non to populate her life based on

these outlooks, but instead on how her feelings lead her. At the beginning of

the novel, she is diffident about what way she wants to take in life. She

bends down the Canis familiaris, and says that she needs to decelerate down, but at the terminal she

makes a realisation about the individual that she wishes to be. She makes the

remark at the get downing about how she is “ excessively old ” to maintain a Canis familiaris, yet

at the terminal, she asks whether or non he is still in the lb. She even is

express joying about falling through the underside of the swaying chair even though she

was worried about wounding herself at the clip it happened. And she sends her

kids through a cringle when she decides to raise the juvenile, Wesley, in her

place. Although she is get downing to expose some marks of aging and her household

attempts urgently to hold her slow her life down, Mattie Rigsbee has a strong

character that is forbiding her from going the stereotyped senior. She has

made a determination in her life on which route that she will take to get down the remainder

of her life. She has non turned onto the dead-end route of reminiscence,

disablement and dependance, but instead onto the long, carry throughing route of life,

felicity, and redemption. Life is good for Ms. Rigsbee.

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