Walking Away to Try Again

1 January 2019

Remembering the past can be painful. The relentless aching within your heart when you walked away from something true.

Things are always easier said than done. One always realizes this fact by walking away. You experience the diminishing joy you once had, silently escaping your heart leaving your soul feeling empty and isolated.
You experience the loss of addiction to love, a feeling that was always there.
Love can be a dark world full of deceitful promises and crystal tears. That’s why sometimes by walking away and to try again, can give you a more desirable happiness.
To obliterate the pain from the past can be done.
The thought to move on can be enviable.

Walking Away to Try Again Essay Example

Time is relieving of pain and savior of shattered pieces. Even though you may be a frail structure to love, risks are meant to be taken. It’s time to relinquish the anger you have trapped within. Oblige yourself to break through the shield that protects your encased heart.
My body found life again. By decision through faith,my heart awakened with life again. You will feel like night can give way to day. Love is a benediction!
My eyes lost the sight of fear and shone with assertiveness,
When trust between two devoted hearts is linked its forever.

The meaning of love may be obscure to other, but it’s a gift of life given to be experienced by every individual.
Knowledgeable people question the mysteries of emotion dealing with the heart. They try scrutinizing the true meaning of love, feelings and uncontrollable emotions.
When you walked way to take another chance…
My eyes dried away their tears and my heart started to beat again.
You feel overwhelmed by happiness and no regrets.
The deepest fears i kept hidden has been replaced by the emotions I have longed for. To be oblivious to the outside world feels intoxicating. You will never recede to the past. You feel rectified by the sentiment of love.

Walk away and render your heart to a second chance!
When I walked away it gave me back my life and someone true…

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