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9 September 2017

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From your survey of & # 8220 ; Wandering Girl & # 8221 ; , what penetrations have you gained about the challenges Glenyse faced as a immature individual?

& # 8220 ; Wandering Girl & # 8221 ; by Glenyse Ward tells her narrative of a immature Aboriginal miss populating a life of many challenges. She was taken off from her female parent at the age of three and was brought up in a Catholic mission called & # 8220 ; Wandering & # 8221 ; until the age of 16. From there Glenyse went to work for the Bigelows, a white household who lived on a farm in the distant outback of Western Australia. The Bigelow & # 8217 ; s house was really expansive and epicurean compared to her place at the mission. She thought she would truly bask populating on the farm, nevertheless she did non gain how much she would finally come to detest the topographic point. She was to confront many challenges populating at the Bigelows including solitariness, favoritism, the loss of her individuality and life in unfamiliar and unfriendly milieus.

Populating in the Bigelow & # 8217 ; s house was really lonely. It was a sort of solitariness that Glenyse had ne’er encountered. At the mission she ever had friends, and nuns and a priest who valued kids and fondly brought her up. However, it was non the same at the Bigelow & # 8217 ; s belongings. Each twenty-four hours felt like old ages, as Glenyse had no 1 to speak to. Mrs Bigelow ne’er spoke to Glenyse unless it was to give her orders. Glenyse had really small contact with the Bigelow kids and Mr Bigelow, the Mayor of Ridgeway, ne’er spoke to Glenyse. She was their & # 8220 ; dark slave & # 8221 ; and was to make all their family jobs. For a piece Glenyse did non hold anyone to speak to or to jest with. However, Glenyse did hold a sense of wit and backbones to draw her through the clip. This was apparent when Glenyse by chance killed a Meleagris gallopavo. She felt disheartened by the whole matter but was able to believe if she was with a friend, the episode of the Meleagris gallopavo would non be so bad. They would look at the amusing side of things and have a good laugh. However she did happen a friend in Bill, one of the Bigelow & # 8217 ; s farm custodies. He was a sort and caring old adult male who treated Glenyse as a individual.

& # 8220 ; I felt really happy that I found a friend he told me to name him Bill and non to bury & # 8211 ; If I of all time needed him I knew what to do. & # 8221 ; ( Pg.66 )

Glenyse lived in an unfamiliar environment where she was non familiar with the equipment the Bigelow household had in their house. Glenyse had ne’er used equipment like a telephone or a percolator when she lived at the mission and as a consequence she did non cognize how they worked. Glenyse was ne’er taught what to make but she was merely expected to cognize. However, if she did non make it right Mrs Bigelow called her & # 8220 ; A really stupid miss! & # 8221 ; On one juncture Glenyse had to take a flask of tea and basket of sandwiches to the shearing squad half a stat mi from the hous

e. Alternatively of walking right around the route Glenyse thought she would take a short cut straight down the hill and over a stopgap span. As Glenyse got half manner across the span it broke and she found her herself in the H2O and the sandwiches drifting beside her. Glenyse rapidly got up and ran back to the house where Mrs Bigelow found her moisture and dirty. Mrs Bigelow’s boy so pulled up in his auto and handed his female parent the moisture basket and cracked thermos, which he found drifting down the watercourse. Mrs Bigelow so turned to Glenyse in forepart of her boy and yelled at her. “You clumsy, stupid miss! I can’t trust you to make anything- that span was made for ducks! ” ( Pg. 143 ) Mrs Bigelow ever humiliated Glenyse and she made Glenyse feel awful.

Discrimination was another challenge that Glenyse faced in the Bigelow family. This made Glenyse experience different. She drank from a Sn mug whilst the Bigelow household Ate and drank from all right dishware. She was non allowed to eat the same nutrient as the Bigelows, for illustration Glenyse had to eat adust beans when the Bigelows Ate cold meat and salad. Glenyse was ne’er allowed to be in the same room as the Bigelows unless she was called for. This was apparent when the Bigelow household held a mayoral response for Mr Bigelow. Glenyse was told to remain off from the house so that she is non to be seen. Her occupation was to look after Mrs Bigelow & # 8217 ; s grandchildren, nevertheless they were asleep early and Glenyse thought Mrs Bigelow might necessitate a manus. Equally shortly as Glenyse walked in to the room all the yak and laugher stopped. One snobby lady said to Mrs Bigelow, & # 8220 ; Tracey beloved, is this your dark retainer? & # 8221 ; Glenyse was happy that at last she was acquiring some attending from people. She did non cognize that they were so express joying at her. Mrs Bigelow rapidly escorted her out and every bit shortly as the invitees were out of hearing. Glenyse was threatened once more by Mrs Bigelow who shouted, & # 8220 ; Don & # 8217 ; T you of all time do that to me again. & # 8221 ; Sadly, Glenyse laid on her bed in her room in the garage & # 8220 ; and began to detest the topographic point and the people in it. & # 8221 ; ( Pg.25 ) She wondered what was so bad about herself. Glenyse did non understand why people treated her otherwise and why the Bigelows were so average to her. Glenyse was ever treated below the belt and non considered a & # 8220 ; person. & # 8221 ;

There were many challenges that Glenyse had to confront as a immature individual, but despite these challenges she was able to over come them and do something of her life. I think Glenyse was a really courageous individual to go forth the Bigelow farm and to get down a new life. Glenyse realised there was nil bad about herself. It was the Bigelows who need altering. Glenyse moved on from being a slave and found a existent occupation, working as a nurse in a infirmary. There was no looking back for Glenyse. She was her ain ego, populating her ain life.

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